Armadale FAQ Video Case Study

Armadale FAQ Video Case Study

Even though the Armadale Eye Clinic has been servicing the Melbourne suburb of Armadale for quite some time, they wanted to make clinic more accessible to their patients.

Public Speaking

ICMI Custom Video Case Study

ICMI Speakers and Entertainers is arguably the top Speakers Bureau in Australia. Because of their respectable position within their niche, the company wanted to enhance their online presence and further catapult their credibility with a custom video; which is why they got in touch with Melbourne Video Production.

Online Business

Get Your Own Online Business Videos

You might have noticed our new video on our home page. Just play it and you will quickly find out more about the types of videos we do for our clients. You will also view snippets of the videos we did for clients and for our own business.

Small Business

Small Businesses Need Video Marketing Service

At this time when the popularity of YouTube is sky-high, it only makes sense that any small business should look into creating their own videos to get the attention of their customers. But I know it is not an easy thing to do especially if you know next to nothing about video production, more so getting it noticed on the Internet.

morgan housel PcDGGex9 jA unsplash

Empower Wealth Video Case Study

After being disappointed with another production company’s results, Empower Wealth approached Melbourne Video Production for expert help. We not only assisted in achieving their goal, we met a very tight deadline with a custom video full of graphics and smooth editing. That’s a complete home run!


Video Marketing Mogul Supports Independent Filmmaker

For most employees, having personal endeavors supported by their boss can be as awkward as bumping into an old flame while plotting to rob a grocery store. Thanks to the generosity of the Melbourne Video Productions (MVP) owner David Jenyns, not all employees have to feel that way. David pledged financial support to one of his key team members Adrian Cabrie who happens to be an independent filmmaker as well as MVP’s editor.

Child Psychology

Melbourne Child Psychology Case Study Video

The Melbourne Video Production team was asked to create a clean, sharp and effective “Your Story” video for Melbourne Child Psychology’s practice. Effectively covering the wide range of supportive parental and child services available – and all within 3-minutes – was a challenge we were definitely up for!

Domain Name

Why You Should Have A Personal Domain Name

I just want to touch on the buying domain material. I think it is a wise move to be buying up business domains right now in your niche and in your space and just doing 301 redirect, not for any other benefit than just owning the space.


Knowing The Real Purpose Of Your Website

 The big thing which is going to be another message for the whole session today is that one page, one purpose. Every single page on your website should have a purpose and have an outcome. You should work out what that page is designed to do and make sure that it does it.

Business names

How To Choose The Best Business Domain Name

The perfect domain name I suppose when I think of building a website, and you go back to, I talked about how I work with a client. Firstly I understand the target market. The next thing that I do is I look at their products and services and I do the keyword research like I talked about.


The Business Attitude That Attracts Success

My name is Pete Williams and for those of you who don’t know Dave, Dave Jenyns over there. Welcome to the Small Business Internet Marketing Workshop today. We’re going to cover a lot of ground when it comes to running a successful business.


Importance Of Getting Credible Business Testimonials

I just want to talk about testimonials for a moment as well, to tie this thing together. What is the purpose of having testimonials on a website, on a proposal? I hope you guys are giving out proposals to your clients in your particular niches. Put testimonials in your quotations.

Foodie Pooch

Foodie Pooch Product Videos

Foodie Pooch came to Melbourne Video Production with the need to introduce their innovative and healthy pet food to the market. There were two catches: the fact the public are fairly unaware of pet nutrition and that our client and Foodie Pooch owner Alla had a pretty tight deadline.

Westminster Law

Westminster Law About Us Video

At the time we began working with Melbourne based Westminster Law, they already had ideas about what their web videos would be like; they simply needed a professional team to bring those ideas to life. And that’s where we came in. 🙂

Video Lighting 2

Easy Video Lighting Tutorial For Your Business Videos

Now this is your basic three point lighting system. What it is, I’ll talk you through this. I’ve got it set up here. You’ve got what is called your key light, which is your main light. This will be your strongest light which will give the most light onto the subject.

Video Marketing2

Top Reasons To Think About Video Marketing Strategies

First I just want to talk about video in general. TV and web are becoming one, there’s no doubt about it. You can buy televisions now that are web ready, screens on computers are getting bigger, everything is converging, so it’s a great time to be getting into making videos.


Essential Tips In Marketing Your Video Today

There are a lot of opportunities I think that we’ve all found over the past couple of days but the ones that I focus more on with the businesses that I’m involved with, one is the band that I dj and manage is first and foremost.


Striking A Balance In Doing Online Video Promotion

So what does that all mean? It’s all about balance. You guys, by the end of today, we’re going to have you get started. We’re not going to actually shoot any videos with you, but we’re going to have you start to devise three that you might want to make.

Video Cropping

iMovie – Cropping Video Clips Made Easy

I’m just going to make this screen a little bit smaller. For those of you who have used this, what I’m going to do is basically select all the footage, because it is only one minute forty-two long. Up the top you’ve got your event.

Promo video

Tell A Story: A Promotional Video Production Tip

I’m going to start with the bottom one first. When you’re making these things, even though you might be in front of the camera, or even filming someone else, it’s not about you, it’s about the people, it’s about your audience. That’s a massive thing to think about.


How To Create The Best Video Sales Letter

It’s all about buying, building and selling websites. The way that I go through the process, I lead off with buying, building and selling is the biggest opportunity online, so I’m hooking them with, we’ve got a huge opportunity.

Video good and bad

The Good And The Bad Of Online Business Video

There are two well known video examples that demonstrate the two sides of the same coin in internet marketing promotion. They demonstrate how important it is to carefully think about the way you portray your business through web video.


The Future Of Advertising | Youtube vs. TV

What happens when you put Youtube vs TV in the boxing ring? With the introduction of Smart TVs, traditional programming is on the way out. Youtube marketing expert, David Jenyns, says that Web TV will knock-out traditional TV by 2015.

Video Marketing steps

Vital Steps In Your Web Video Marketing Campaign

It is time Australian online companies caught up to their American cousins in the industry and made online video part of their video marketing campaign. It is good to start off right, so here are some tips to get your online videos off to a flying start.


Top Reasons For Using Small Business Videos

Traditionally, online businesses have first built their website and then have thought about the possibility of creating small business videos. Is this the right way to go? Just because it has always been done in this order doesn’t mean you have to continue doing it this way.


Meet Your Video Production Service Customers Through Online Video

There is a perception out there on the internet that online businesses are just there to scam unsuspecting victims. If you can make an interesting video with you presenting as a genuine, authentic person who has his customers’ best interests at heart, you will go a long way to prove that you are there to deliver on your promises.