Kidspot, Australia’s largest online parenting portal, recently approached Melbourne Video Production (MVP) about creating a web series based on educating parents about fun craft activities they can do with their children. After an initial consult, we decided we were a great match for the project. With our years of web video and SEO expertise, combined with Kidspot’s clear vision and professionalism, we were confident we could create something truly outstanding.

The Concept

Our first few meetings were centred around the style and content of each video. We all quickly agreed that simple, clean and elegant was the way to go. Parents have enough on their plate already, so we wanted to create something that wasn’t confusing or messy. We decided upon a sleek, white background and table, with a professional actor to deliver the “tutorial”.The ShootThe shoot consisted of hiring a studio for the day and churning out fourteen videos in total. Nine of the videos were general arts and crafts, while the final 5 were tailored towards Easter. The actor, Fiona Harris, was a breeze to work with and we captured some really great footage.When it came time to edit the series, there was plenty of great footage shot from two angles. This allowed us to cut between the wide-shot and the close-ups with ease. Fiona had the lines down-pat, so most of the takes were one long single take (which means less editing required).

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The Result

After a few back-and-forths between MVP and Kidspot to finalise the graphics, intros and colour schemes, we finished up with 14 brilliant web videos, which we then uploaded to Kidspot’s YouTube channel. As the views began to rack up, Kidspot were overjoyed with the results. The five Easter videos were released just before Easter and were also a massive hit with parents with thousands of views.

Click play below to see one of the videos from the series – pretty cool huh?…

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