Foodie Pooch Case Study

Foodie Pooch came to Melbourne Video Production with the need to introduce their innovative and healthy pet food to the market. There were two catches: the fact the public are fairly unaware of pet nutrition and that our client and Foodie Pooch owner Alla had a pretty tight deadline.

But as usual, we hit both out of the park!

The Concept

The goal for Foodie Pooch’s videos was to first enlighten pet owner’s about the importance of giving their four-legged family members the right nutrition. The next step was to teach potential and new Foodie Pooch customers on how to integrate that healthier diet into their pet’s daily routine.

Having to work with a quickly approaching due date, our amazing production team created five separate videos, specifically designed to lead the viewer down the purchasing path: “Does Your Pet Food Tick All The Boxes?”, “What Are The Benefits To Feeing A Natural Diet To Your Pet?”, “So What Makes Foodie Pooch Different?”, “How Do I Serve Foodie Pooch Meals?” and lastly “How Do I Make Changes To My Pets Diet?”

The Shoot

The entire series was filmed here at Melbourne Video Production’s studio. Although the shoot took up the majority of the day, Alla was committed – and more than happy – to take her time getting it right. Alla was also able to bring in her dog to appear in the last video of the series; we enjoyed having a furry client to work with – and although he was well behaved, he took up a large portion of the studio due to his sheer size!

The Result

Meeting our clients’ needs is what we’re all about, and Alla was amazed at how quickly we were able to film, edit and deliver the final product to her. Her patience and perseverance during filming definitely helped us deliver on time!

Each video was produced in the same manner, using intros and outtros to keep the continuity and flow. Generous shots of the products, well articulated speech, as well as various shots of Alla, keep the viewer engaged the entire length of each video.

The final result has created a series of videos that help lead potential and new Foodie Pooch clients down the path to a healthy & delicious diet for their pets.

Click here to watch the case study videos now.

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