The Concept

Turn The CornerDr. Tamsin Franklin has been a resident of Northcote for 3 years now. She recently established a private practice in her suburb after serving in other medical clinics in the metro area, including the prestigious Collins Street Medical Centre.

To make the new clinic ‘Turn the Corner’ more accessible to the public, Dr. Franklin created a website which lists all the important information about the practice. What’s more, it allows patients to easily set up appointments with their chosen GP at the clinic.

The video was created as a neighbourly introduction to effectively communicate the clinic’s mission to the Northcote community. Melbourne Video Production came up with the idea of a straight-forward interview that potential patients can easily relate to. The interview was casual and friendly but also appealing to all kinds of people – from stay at home moms to inner city business men. That’s how the idea of making a well-known personality become part of the project came about. Since Indira Naido is a good friend of Dr. Franklin, it was not hard to convince her to be part of the project.

Melbourne Video Production quickly came up with a script that highlights the clinic’s competitive advantages. They presented it to Turn the Corner which approved the concept and the script.

The Shoot

The entire video was shot in a casual setting inside Dr. Franklin’s own home.

Since Dr. Tamsin Franklin and the interviewer, Indira Naido, are good friends, the conversation between the two flowed easily. Indira Naido’s media experience also helped ease Dr. Tamsin’s nervousness in taping the interview.

The production company’s efficient team members also made the whole process convenient for Dr. Franklin and Indira. Their manner of taping the interview was unobtrusive. After they had set up the filming equipment, it’s like they were simply there to listen to two good friends talk.

tamsin franklin and indira naido

The Result

The result of the project was a short video that effectively conveyed the mission of Turn the Corner Clinic to provide the best medical services to the Northcote community.

Dr. Tamsin Franklin was so happy with the video that she has made it the main feature of her website’s homepage.

If you’re looking to create your own introductory video, visit this page.

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