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The Concept

In 1993, immediately after graduating from the Laws College of Naturopathy in Melbourne, Joseph Ferraro a Naturopath and Registered Acupuncturist, started the Real Health clinic in Canterbury. His clinic combines Western herbal medicine, clinical nutrition, vitamin and mineral therapy, homeopathy, and laser acupuncture as an effective way treat patients.

Like most businesses who want higher visibility to their prospective clients, Joseph created a website for his practice, including information such as: the health conditions he treats, and how to easily contact his clinic for appointments or questions.

Looking for wider coverage and a better way to promote his practice, he decided he needed a professionally produced web video. He turned to Melbourne Video Production for help and the team quickly came up with a script and a plan for the shoot. The end goal was for the video to somehow convey the clinic’s greater purpose and its treatments – always liking a fun challenge, the Melbourne Video Production team was eager to get started!

The Shoot

Behind-the-scenes shot at Real Health.

Behind-the-scenes shot at Real Health.

The entire Real Health ‘About Us’ video was shot with a professional feel to it, with Joseph being the face and voice in the video. This approach gave a personal touch to the video, connecting the viewer quickly with the man ‘behind the clinic’, as well as the practice itself.

The viewer is greeted by Joseph with a short introduction about himself and how he began his practice. This was the perfect way to gain that ‘instant viewer connection’ to build trust.

We also recorded footage of him welcoming and interviewing patients; which was all about showing what a normal day at Real Health is like. This vantage point shows potential clients how comfortable it is to arrive for an appointment and go through a consult.

In the video, Joseph explains one of his techniques, laser acupuncture, to help clients understand this treatment and how it can help them.

He also talks about the different health conditions the Real Health clinic can treat. He discusses pain and musculoskeletal conditions, women’s health, and weight management.

The video ends with a great “call to action”; with Joseph inviting the viewer to explore his website and call his friendly staff to set an appointment.

The Result

In the end, the short Real Health ‘About Us’ video effectively represented Joseph’s practice and the Real Health clinic itself – in a professional, yet personable way. It easily conveys the clinic’s mission and capabilities to help improve their clients’ health and welfare.

It goes without saying (but we’re going to say it anyway!), Joseph was completely happy with the video, which is now on the home page of his website.

Like what you see here? Then it’s probably time for you to create your own ‘About Us’ video! Contact our video production team here to get started today!

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