One of our video and SEO clients, The Dentists, recently approached us with an idea. They had noticed that people often crowded around the entrance to their building because there was a tramstop right next to the doorway. After some discussion, they decided that they wanted to capitalise on the potential marketing opportunity that literally lay right on their doorstep. They wanted something that would entertain the people as they waited for their tram, but didn’t require a spruiker or a man dressed in a bunny suit holding a sign.

The Concept

All this in mind, we decided upon using a QR code. For those that don’t already know, a QR code looks like a square barcode and it acts in much the same way, but has limitless possibilities. Many Smart Phones now have a QR code scanner ready to go so you can easily scan any QR code on the go. Once you scan the code, any number of things can happen: a webpage might load, an audio track might play or even a video. We decided to go with a video – since that’s our specialty 😉

The Shoot

So we began shooting a video that gave a quick tour of The Dentists’ practice, led by one of the cute dental nurses, which showed you around the different rooms and even the in-house lab. The nurse then invites you to come on up the stairs and have a look around for yourself.

We tried to keep the video short, sweet and to-the-point, as people may only have a minute or two before their tram comes. The video consisted of short introductions to the rooms and their services by the dental nurse and then they were transitioned with a sped-up walkthrough of the entire practice.

The Result

We linked the video on Youtube to a customised QR code and then printed out the QR code with the text “Bored? Scan This.” to entice the person to scan the code while they wait for their tram. With the QR code printed on thick cardboard, we stuck it to the inside window of the entrance to The Dentists and the YouTube views are quickly racking up – which means people are scanning and watching the video.

As you could imagine… The Dentists loved it and it’s been a huge success. Check out the video we linked to the QR code below:

The Dentists and MVP always like to stay on the bleeding edge and this is just one example of how we stay ahead of our competition. If you’d like to create your own QR Code video, click here to contact us to find out more.

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