ICMI video case study

ICMI Custom Video Case Study


Tim Reid

Tim Reid – ICMI features industry leaders as speakers.

ICMI Speakers and Entertainers is arguably the top Speakers Bureau in Australia. Because of their respectable position within their niche, the company wanted to enhance their online presence and further catapult their credibility with a custom video; which is why they got in touch with Melbourne Video Production.

After meeting with us the first time, it was clear ICMI knew we were the perfect production team to make their business video concept come to life. So we let the cameras roll…

The Concept

When ICMI approached us they had a clear idea of the kind of video they wanted. The managing director Barry Markoff conceptualised a straightforward question-and-answer video to explain the advantages of hiring ICMI.

Through the clean and sophisticated, yet time relatable video, Barry was able to make clear the benefits of his company’s services to arrange speakers for conferences and events, rather than booking speakers directly.

As soon as we got the green light from ICMI, our expert team immediately worked on finalising the script and set up the other production details for the video.

The Shoot

One of our studios was arranged to look like a casual meeting room with two low chairs and a sleek table. It was the perfect setup for a Q&A video.

With their extensive experience in both small and high profile events, ICMI rehearsed and knew their lines, saving the whole production team a whole lot in shooting time. It also didn’t hurt that both Tim Reid and Barry Markoff were both experienced talking on camera.

The Result

Needless to say, ICMI Speakers and Entertainers was very pleased with the result. The end product was a sleek video that conveyed the message: ICMI is the best choice when it comes to booking speakers for conferences. The full video is available here.

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