Empower Wealth AdvisoryAfter being disappointed with another production company’s results, Empower Wealth approached Melbourne Video Production for expert help. We not only assisted in achieving their goal, we met a very tight deadline with a custom video full of graphics and smooth editing. That’s a complete home run!

The Concept

The concept was simple: conveying their amazing wealth building advisory service in a clear and concise manner. The challenge was to do it in a manner so that every viewer could understand the strategy, regardless of their financial circumstances and understanding.

The video had to be well scripted in order to do this, and to connect with their target market. It also had to be complimented with graphic visuals for better understanding for those visual learners out there.

The Shoot

Since the client had organized a launch function beforehand (not expecting the first company they engaged to fall through) there wasn’t a lot of time for our team to prepare. So we rallied together and pulled out all the stops for them: using a full green screen and employing custom animation.

It was a great help that the Empower Wealth director and presenter of the video Bryce Holdaway (co-host of Location Location Location Australia) had ample experience in speaking, so his lines flowed out easily – making the shoot smooth for everyone.

The Result

It goes without saying that our client was extremely happy with the end result: a high quality custom video – just in time for their launch party! The video takes the viewer through an informative and easy-to-understand journey to building their wealth. Bravo!

Watch the case study video here.

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