The Concept

Next Hire approached us with a clear idea of what they wanted in terms of the visual appearance of their video as well as an exact script. A video production company’s dream! They wanted to tell a story that was engaging and entertaining and one that would draw the viewer into the Next Hire philosophy….. and what a story they told! With the creative direction of the Next Hire staff, we planned the shoot based on their script and the idea that the story could be really enhanced by some background ‘explainer’ drawings.

MVP on Shoot

The Shoot

With the practice makes perfect mantra in mind, the client diligently learned his lines which made for a great shoot and a fantastic screen presence! It cut out any need for pre-production guidance and also assisted the editing process which ultimately saved everyone time and money. Before we knew it, we had enough footage to start cutting together their vision.

The Result

The editing process was where the hand-drawn graphics were brought in and we used a very talented illustrator from Hypnotic VSL. He was briefed on the story then came back to us with a storyboard. After a few edits and tweaks, the final drawings were cut into the background of the video footage. Our video editor had a great time animating some of the illustrations which the Next Hire team were delighted with! The illustrations complemented the story perfectly and the result was something that we were all really proud of. All in all, this engaging and clever video was a collaboration that it was a breeze to coordinate!

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