The Concept

Ian and Kate from Poolwerx Lilydale – Melbourne’s healthy pool people came to us about creating a video that could show the public what they do and also get their personality across. They are very proud of their business and what they offer and they wanted that to be at the forefront of the finished product too.

After an initial consult we decided that the best way to do this was to go to their place of business to most effectively tell their story and capture their quirky staff doing what they do best.

Our first few meetings were focused on figuring out the style and content of the video as well as how to get their staff in the spotlight, all the while putting their business centre stage. We all quickly agreed that the best way to do this was to shoot the video in their shop, so we could view them in their own backdrop – always the best way to capture their true behaviour! We outlined a simple, clean and solid structure and script which would underpin the shooting process. After a few conversations between Ian and Adrian, the script was finalised.

The Shoot

Making their movie debut, the staff were understandably somewhat anxious but thanks to our experienced team who put them at ease and gave them a few pointers; they soon got into the swing of shooting. We ended up with heaps of great footage (and some movie stars too!).

The Result

Ian, a former employee of the BBC network was thrilled by the quality of the footage resulting from such simple equipment and Ian, Kate and their team had a blast showing off in front of the camera.

The footage was cut and put together in a way that perfectly showcased Poolwerx Lilydale’s wide product range, expert (if a little quirky) staff and passionate owners.

The Youtube video has already had several hundred views and counting!

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