Westminster Law Case Study

At the time we began working with Melbourne based Westminster Law, they already had ideas about what their web videos would be like; they simply needed a professional team to bring those ideas to life. And that’s where we came in. 🙂

The Concept

The main objective for their videos was to gain instant rapport with potential clients by conveying the firm as experienced, reputable and trustworthy. Our production team crafted three separate videos to build this virtual bond via: a “Landing Page” video, “FAQ series” video, and an “About Us” video.

To connect directly with the viewer and introduce the law firm, a sole lawyer describes a sensitive topic in clear, easy-to-understand terms for the “Landing Page” video.

Then the “FAQ” video was shot mock ‘consultation’ style, making it very easy to comprehend answers to questions frequently asked by clients. Lastly, the “About Us” video, set in a legal library, presents the Director of Westminster Lawyers in a way that brings a real sense of expertise and professionalism to the trio of videos.

The Shoot

Melbourne Video Production spent about 5 hours in total at the Westminster Law offices – a pretty big day for anyone not used to the process of filming. During the course of the day, we snagged all the footage required for each video.

Although the firm already had their own scripting, as part of our service, we helped tweak the wording to best fit their concept as well as the flow of the videos.

The Result

Editing the footage together in a clean-cut manner, the final product shows various angles and supporting scenes (in black & white) to help emphasize the firm’s message. The final result is that the viewer sees Westminster Law as having an exceptional amount of experience along with a highly regarded & professional team.

Click here to watch the About Us video now.

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