The Concept

Andrew from Aamion Deceased Estate management wanted a way to let people know exactly what it is that their company does, and also to showcase some of the work that they’ve done in the past.

Andrew was determined to tell the Aamion story in a way that put their skills and team centre stage while displaying the sensitivity that their industry demands. He also wanted to add a visual before & after component to the video so we were armed with those images from the outset.

After a quick consult, it was decided that the shoot would take place in the studio with the clean white backdrop and some well thought-out music. Our team worked with Andrew to devise a script that included everything they wanted to convey yet remained concise and to the point.

MVP on shoot with Andrew of Aamion

The Shoot

Andrew was very well prepared and followed his drafted script perfectly, which made for a quick and easy shoot! With the simple style of the video and the sensitive subject matter in mind, our team also set about finding some music that would complement the footage.


The Result

Visually, Andrew was prepared to play second fiddle to the main message of the video while still creating an impression and the video was put together with an emphasis on the dialogue and the images of some of the properties the team had worked on.

Andrew and the Aamion Deceased Estate Management team were very happy with the final cut. So much so that they came back into the studio to record a testimonial for our site. Click here to watch it now.

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