For most employees, having personal endeavors supported by their boss can be as awkward as bumping into an old flame while plotting to rob a grocery store. Thanks to the generosity of the Melbourne Video Productions (MVP) owner David Jenyns, not all employees have to feel that way. David pledged financial support to one of his key team members Adrian Cabrie who happens to be an independent filmmaker as well as MVP’s editor.

Adrian’s ‘bumping-into-an-old-flame-while-plotting-a-heist’ wit for his film ‘Ex’ caught David’s interest, which led to the support of the project afterwards. “When our editor Adrian told us about ‘Ex’, We’re really excited to watch the first concept of it online…I can’t wait for the film to be done so we can watch it in exceptional quality and in its entirety!” David shared.

David spotted something familiar about the film, and I don’t refer to its unusual humor. He saw within the film, an exhibiting of creativity and passion from Adrian that is also injected into his MVP client projects. It’s this enthusiasm that will not only sell the film, but make all Adrian’s projects memorable to viewer. He sees these qualities in every masterpiece Adrian creates for each of MVP’s clients, as they work closely to live out the standard of excellence in the company.

“Having a professional video editor and director on our team is invaluable. The quality and output we give to our clients is top notch. Adrian doesn’t just use his skills in own projects, he injects them into each and every client’s job at Melbourne Video Production.”

Luckily, MVP is blessed with a key player like Adrian; as employees elsewhere tend to only perform their best when their personal interests are concerned.

Just like a true supporter, David campaigned to his circle of friends to give whatever amount they could to get Cabrie’s film fully funded. David also urged the support for all Australian independent filmmakers who, like Adrian, are just waiting for a bit of support to have their craft enjoyed by many. Dave’s advocacy did not fall on deaf ears; ‘Ex’ was successfully funded last September 25 – with twenty dollars more than its target!

When I myself visited Adrian’s Pozible.com page, I was impressed by his transparency. Towards the end of the page, he inserted a breakdown of the costs that will be covered by the funding. Everything would be used for the production and not a cent would go to his own pocket. Isn’t that a sign of a true artist who simply wants a chance to get his art to the public?

All those who have pledged support will have a special thank you in the film’s credit and appropriate rewards. The biggest contributors receive Associate Producers credits, as well as allow them to pick a theme, location or character in the next short film.

‘Ex’ is about the lead character Adam who tries to rob a grocery store and bumps into his ex-girlfriend, Kate in the process. Its estimated delivery date is this month. Read the full press release about the movie ‘Ex’ here.

To view Adrian’s Melbourne Video Production projects, or to find out more about creating your own custom video, visit the MVP Video Packages page. Click here.

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