The Concept

Melbourne Listing ServiceTo communicate the effectiveness of Melbourne Listing Service’s services, Melbourne Video Production thought of getting one of MLS’ satisfied clients to speak about his experience with the company in front of a camera.

Melbourne Listing Service arranged for the client to come in to give his candid testimonial about his experience with the company. The client was more than happy to do it since he was already recommending the company to his other friends anyway.

The Shoot

Melbourne Video Production booked a studio for the day of the shoot. They didn’t need a fancy studio for the production because they wanted to communicate in the sincerest way possible the brand of service Melbourne Listing Service is known for among its clients.

It was a quick and easy shoot with no script. The production company and Melbourne Listing Service both agreed that with what the client had to say, there was no longer a need for a script. They allowed the client to speak from the heart and only edited the video for clarity and brevity.

The Result

Melbourne Video Production got great footage from the shoot. The footage was quickly edited to come up with the video. In the end, it was exactly what the client needed- a short, sincere video of a client who was genuinely pleased with the service that Melbourne Listing Service provided him.

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