The Concept

Ever get sick of answering the same question over and over again? Fiona and Catherine from Darlings Downunder – an online re-usable nappy store – had decided enough was enough! We could see that they were passionate about the products they were selling and that they wanted to dispel some of the myths surrounding the use of re-usable nappies. We were able to help them choose 8 of the most frequently asked questions based on which answers would best showcase their products. We decided that props were essential to show audiences what reusable nappies look like and how to use them properly.

MVP on shoot

The Shoot

The ladies, armed with their own props were able to breeze through the shoot while following their scripts. Each short FAQ video was filmed in one take – to save them some time in post production. After a bit of warming up, the ladies powered through all 8 of the FAQ videos in no time and then it was off to the edit suite.

The Result

Fiona and Catherine were really happy with the end result as they ended up with 8 great instructional videos, which will save them plenty of time in the long run.

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