The Concept

Hollywood International Buffet Restaurant wanted to effectively convey that they serve amazing food in a fun, energetic atmosphere. Potential diners will see and feel the excitement of the restaurant and then book in for their own enjoyable meal.

With food being the central product, it’s paramount the imagery captures the freshness and tastiness of each dish. Marilyn Monroe and Austin Powers look-alikes welcome guests into the restaurant, where eager staff prepare and anticipate for the night to come. Shots of the remarkable food are followed by helpful staff and happy patrons having an incredible evening. Quick shots and editing, followed on by complimentary music, creates an overall visual of a delicious and entertaining experience.

After a thorough consultation, it was decided the only way to achieve our concept was to shoot on location during operating hours. A lot of footage would be required on our side, but all Hollywood International Buffet Restaurant would need to do is what they do best: make great food in a great atmosphere.

The Shoot

We began filming as the restaurant was preparing to open, to capture the intensity of the staff who prepare the food with so much care and diligence. The dining room quickly became packed and service was underway. We didn’t want to disrupt the energy that was mounting, so we mingled and filmed with only one camera operator and producer on set.

Getting the ‘on the fly’ comments about the food was vital, so we asked several diners about which meals they’ve eaten and what they liked best. We then obtained further sound bites from diners who spoke of the restaurants amazing service, food and atmosphere.

After acquiring quite a lot of footage and interviews, the final product came together really quickly because the client had music in mind as well as an idea of how the sequence should play out.

The Result

The client is very happy with how clearly we conveyed their message of being a top restaurant with wonderful food, great service and a fun atmosphere.

Click here to watch the video now www.youtube.com/watch?v=neMNAVP9bW4.

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