Do you know Scott Pendlebury – the Collingwood football star?

The Concept

We were recently approached by Masterclass Media about producing the video components for their Masterclass App series. They had planned on creating a series of Masterclass Apps for Smart Phones and Tablet devices that consumers could purchase and then download tips and techniques used by industry professionals. This inaugural App was focussed on Scott Pendlebury, an AFL Football Professional, and his methods, training and techniques used to remain at the top of his game.

Masterclass Media’s team had approached other video production companies about the job, but found their prices to be uncompetitive. After meeting with the team at Melbourne Video Production (MVP) we both soon realised we were a perfect match for this project. We demonstrated our ability to create high quality videos, specifically designed for Smart Devices, whilst offering unbeatable prices. We outlined a simple, clean and solid structure for each video and planned the shoot.

The Shoot

MVP On Shoot

We decided upon a two-camera shoot, split between two locations – on the football field and in the studio. We wanted to capture the on-field explanations of each technique, whether it be stretching or goal kicking or how to improve your foot speed, and then physically run through each technique so the viewer can follow along with each step. We then shot Scott in our Infinite White studio to capture some in-depth interviews about why technique is so important and how it helped him to get to where he is today.

In the edit room, we spliced the three components together to give an all-encompassing view on different components of the game. We thought it was important to show how to do the technique, when you should use it, what its purpose is and finally why it’s so important.

The Result

The result? A very happy client. We created eleven Masterclass videos in total and the clients (Masterclass Media, Scott Pendlebury & his manager) were overjoyed with the final product. Soon after the videos were complete, they were integrated into the Masterclass App, developed by Masterclass Media, and released on iTunes. The App went straight to #2 on the paid Sport App Charts.

Happy Scott, happy Masterclass, happy MVP. Click here to see the App live in the iTunes store.

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