The Concept

Pete Williams, the owner of Simply Headsets, was seeking a way to explain the subtle, yet extremely important, differences between various styles of headset adaptor cables.

At a glance, headset adaptor cables appear to be the same, which may confuse a customer trying to decide which one to select and buy. By clearly explaining the various versions of this product, while showing it up close, Pete is able to dispel the uncertainty about which one to choose.

After a brief discussion, it was decided the best format for Pete’s mission would be a FAQ video. Because the product is so small, it was settled that the video would be filmed in the studio, with Pete in a brightly coloured shirt to stand out from a black backdrop.

The Shoot

Pete is accustomed to speaking publicly, so we used a “bullet point” script for him during the shoot, which made it easy for him to speak in a flowing manner. The “bullet point” script worked so effectively that Pete was actually able to roll through several FAQ videos in a single day!

We also acquired several close-up shots of the tiny adaptor pieces, then creatively edited them into the video. The close-ups are featured in black & white, which give the audience a visual hint that something important is being featured and to pay attention.

The Result

Pete was extremely happy with the outcome of the shoot, which produced a helpful FAQ video for a little product with a lot of impact in the headset industry. Omitting music once Pete began speaking, also ensured the viewer received the full benefit of his explanations.

Pete and his Simply Headsets team were so pleased with how easy it was to film with us that they continued to film an entire series of FAQ videos with us on the same day.

Click here to watch the video now www.youtube.com/watch?v=mEVyiV87sho.

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