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The Concept

Beauty & Hair Academy of Australia is one of Melbourne’s leading beauty colleges. As a nationally recognised training organisation, they boast numerous training awards for excellence. As many businesses desire nowadays, the academy wanted to enhance their online presence, so what better way to do that than a well-executed custom web video! They reached out to Melbourne Video Production for help and that’s when the fun began…

First, we sat down with the client and brainstormed the video concept. It was a very productive meeting and once we nailed down what they wanted, we got started with the script and the actual shoot itself.

Beauty & Hair Academy wanted to introduce their school to potential students. It was really simple and straightforward: we’ll shoot a video showing what it’s like to spend a day in their beauty classes!

The Shoot

We scheduled a day to shoot at their facilities with their staff members working as the extras. We saved on shooting time as we didn’t plan to have any speaking lines. That made things really easy because no one needed to memorise a script!

It was a smooth shoot because we just let the staff work as they normally would during the course of one of their classes. Everyone had a good time; and as you can see from the video, the staff enjoyed some chitchat during the shoot, too.

Once all the filming was complete, we gave the footage to our video editor and let him do his magic. He added the right music and a great animated intro and outro.

The Result

The end result was an exciting 2-minute video that effectively introduces the school to eager prospects! It clearly shows the Beauty & Hair Academy of Australia’s staff, facilities and courses in action.

The client was really pleased with the finished video. They loved it so much they posted it on their website right away!

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