The Melbourne Video Production team was asked to create a clean, sharp and effective “Your Story” video for Melbourne Child Psychology’s practice. Effectively covering the wide range of supportive parental and child services available – and all within 3-minutes – was a challenge we were definitely up for!

The Concept

The main idea behind this case study video was to have the founder and director Ms. Deborah Jepsen ‘introduce’ Melbourne Child Psychology to the viewer and explain the range of services available for both parents and children. It was also important to convey the passion Ms. Jepsen and her team have for their jobs, through selective filming, smooth editing and appropriate music.

The Shoot

Filming on location at Port Melbourne practice allowed our team to take several exterior shots of the area, as well as inside the business itself. Having written their own script, our client was able to convey their message naturally – so much so, the shoot was over relatively quickly with minimal takes.

During the shoot, Melbourne Child Psychology’s founder was ready for the challenge of becoming a video star, all while our stellar crew worked attentively to produce exactly what the client wanted.

The Result

With such well prepared clients like Ms. Jepsen and her team, getting the “Your Story” video perfect was an easy task! The editing process was smooth and the final provided to our client within two weeks! The end results is a welcoming and informative video to greet each new visitor on Melbourne Child Psychology’s website.

Click here to watch the case study video now.

Watch the case study video here.

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