The Concept

PrintEven though the Armadale Eye Clinic has been servicing the Melbourne suburb of Armadale for quite some time, they wanted to make clinic more accessible to their patients. They were looking for an easy way to convey that their clinic offers eye care services for cataract, refractive, and retinal surgeries. And that they also specialise in glaucoma management, macular degeneration treatment and digital retinal angiography.

Their website is full of information about eye care; however, medical terminology isn’t always easy to understand. That’s when the Armadale Clinic decided it was time to create a series of frequently asked questions (or FAQ) videos to help easily answer the common questions of their clients.

The client reached out to us at Melbourne Video Production and together we came up with a straightforward and clean concept for their FAQ videos. We wanted their videos to have authority while providing easy to understand information.

With this in mind, the cataract and refractive surgeon Dr. Anton Van Heerden became the star in the videos. He provided the professional medical authority needed to answer the common questions.

The Shoot

Armadale FAQ video case study

Dr. Van Heerden works with his own props.

The shoot was held at the Melbourne Video Production studio. Dr. Van Heerden arrived with his own set of props. His props served as visual teaching aids to better illustrate what he was explaining.

It was a joy to work with Dr. Van Heerden – who came well prepared and already knew his lines. His professionalism in memorising his lines meant we didn’t have to do multiple takes, saving both of us time to complete the whole shoot.

The Result

The result was a series of FAQ videos that Armadale Eye Clinic can use to quickly inform existing clients, prospects, as well as the general public about their main eye care services.

The icing on top: we provided 4 extra videos (same video but altered intro/outro and with subtitles added) to the client! Needless to say, he was very satisfied with them all!

Have a tough topic or service to explain? There’s no better way to knock down the hurdles for potential clients than with your own FAQ video! Contact us by visiting this page.

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