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We live in an age of entertainment. Attention spans are almost non-existent.

Most people visit youtube to be entertained or to learn something. However, we’re at a point now where the two aren’t mutually exclusive. If somebody wants to learn something, they want to be entertained as they’re doing so.

This is where most Youtube advertisers fall flat. Not only are they not grabbing the viewer’s attention in the 5 seconds they have before the “skip” button appears, they’re just using the same sorts of ads they would use on TV or other more traditional platforms.

They’re not engaging Youtube users because they don’t understand Youtube users, so they try to be crafty by squishing too much information into that 5 second window or they essentially yell at the viewer, begin them not to skip the ad. These techniques simply don’t work – the modern viewer is much more savvy than you may think. They can smell when they’re being sold to.

So, how do you create an effective Youtube Pre-roll Ad?

Well, firstly you need to ask yourself, how can I entertain the viewer and convey my message at the same time? There’ve been some great examples of this where the advertiser apologises for interrupting their video, or the ad challenges the viewer to a staring contest to win a prize.

Not all ideas will be suitable for your brand, but with a little creativity and understanding of how the modern viewer consumes information, the possibilities are endless.

At Melbourne Video, we’re not only armed with business-minded, online marketing expertise, we also have an in-house team of filmmakers who have produced some award winning entertainment. From short films to web series, we know how to entertain an audience and we know how to merge those ideas with clever, consumable marketing strategies that will turn your viewers into future clients.

Your advert needs to be structured precisely to engage, educate and entice the viewer to click through to your website. There’s specific timecode constraints and testing that needs to be implemented to achieve the greatest return on your marketing dollar. You also different versions of your advert, not only for split-testing, but because different devices that the viewer might be using will dictate what length of ad is appropriate. If the viewer is watching a short film on their iPhone whilst waiting at a bus stop, then a one-minute ad would not be appropriate.

But you needn’t fret, we understand all the ins and outs of all this. All you need to do is line up a chat with one of our video experts to discuss how you’d like to reach out to a wider market and we can start you off in the right direction.

So what are you waiting for? Your Youtube Pre-roll Advert awaits…

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