Businesses are different in nature. This is why certain marketing strategies may work for one but not for the other. Taking note of this fact, our team thought of creating a web video in different styles which will suit the varied business marketing needs of our clients. We dubbed these styles as ‘Your Story’, ‘Raving Fans’ and the FAQs.

The first style is useful for telling viewers and potential customers what a business is all about. The second style is meant for gathering and documenting testimonials which can attract additional customers. Lastly, the FAQ clip allows the sharing of answers to the most common questions viewers might have about a business.

People nowadays prefer watching online videos rather than reading a block of text. If you haven’t used videos to gain trust from your clients, now is the time to give them a try. Keen to get help on creating an effective web video? Here’s a press release for you to read:



Explore different kinds of web videos for your business success.

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