The Concept

Ivory CoatMelbourne based Ivory Coat Companion Goods is committed to providing natural dog care products made here in Australia. Their range includes dog food, treats, shampoos and conditioners. Their hypoallergenic grain-free foods not only support canine health, but provide financial assistance to Australian farmers. As you can see, Ivory Coat takes care of both man and his best friend.

Dr. Kevin Foster, the renowned veterinary surgeon of the Pets Practice television show, joined the company as its ambassador. He also serves as a consultant for all of the Ivory Coat products. With his help, the quality and safety of the company’s products is maintained along with spreading the word about using all-natural foods and grooming products.

So how does one educate the public about the clear benefits of using effective, natural products for their canine friends? What’s the most beneficial method to let consumers know that the Ivory Coat Sensitive Conditioner was the best way for dog owners to prevent itchiness and other skin irritations?

Simple: – through web video. They contacted us to discuss the goals for a video about their luxurious all-natural cream conditioner. As we always do, we took note to ensure we would achieve the look and feel of the video they desired. We also decided the best person to explain it all would be none other than their celebrity ambassador, Dr. Kevin Foster.

The Shoot

The video was to deliver their main message: the importance of using an all-natural conditioner. To do this we created a script wherein Dr. Foster explained the basics of dog allergies. He also talked about the causes and symptoms; as well as why commercial dog shampoos and conditioners are not good as well as suggested home remedies. He ended by informing the viewer that Ivory Coat has an all-natural product that will do the job perfectly.

To help the viewer’s focus on Dr. Foster’s message, he stood in front of a white background. Our extensive experience tells us: the less distractions the better. To help emphasize his points, pop up text was later added to the critical parts of the video.

The shoot and the editing were done quickly,thanks to a clear vision and complete script, as well as a veterinary surgeon with ample experience talking in front of the camera.

The Result

Mission accomplished! We were able to deliver the client’s vision in a smooth & slick video that all dog lovers would understand.

Of course, the client was super happy with the final product! How did we know? Aside from hearing it from them personally, they also posted the video, not once but twice, on their website. They used it on Dr. Kevin Foster’s about us page and also on their grooming products page.

Do you have a product or service that is best explained in detail, like Ivory Coat’s one? Then it’s time you create your own custom video. Contact us by filling out our form here and one of our video consultants will call back as soon as possible. Or you call us on 1300 937 977, between 9am and 5pm Monday to Friday.


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