The Concept

Great Managers video business cardFirst, let’s give you a bit of a background as to how we got started with this particular video project. A few months back, we held a promo called “What’s Your Business Pitch?”. The mechanics were very simple: we asked people to send us their best business pitches and then we held a raffle. The winner gets a free “Video Business Card” made for them by Melbourne Video Production.

What’s a Video Business Card, you ask? It is a short video telling a business’s story. It is designed to convey the brand’s message as well as informing the customer about how to contact the company.

With hundreds of people sending in their entries, the prize eventually went to Great Managers, a leadership training consultancy firm based in Caringbah, New South Wales. Our video team wasted no time working on the video by first preparing the script. Ms. Sandra Wood, the Managing Director of Great Managers, helped out by letting us know what she wanted to see in the script.

Great Managers wanted a video which identifies their innovative management programs as being the top leadership training for every organisation and manager. The video tells how their programs can help a person run a business with more profitability and efficiency.

With these points in consideration and with great inputs from the client, we easily finished and polished the script.

The Shoot

Our video team travelled to Sydney to use the office of Great Managers for the location of this one day shoot. We also shot some cutaway scenes at our headquarters to bring more life to the video; and these shots further helped to convey Great Manager’s message.

True to her leadership training expertise, Ms. Wood was very easy to work with as she easily delivered her lines with as few takes as possible. Her presence in the video increased the professionalism we were aiming to achieve for a Video Business Card.

The Result

The result was a near 4-minute Video Business Card that effectively shows what Great Managers is all about and how their services can significantly help anyone in a leadership role.

Was the client happy? You bet! And it’s not because the video was done for free, but because they now have a Video Business Card to market and promote their business with. They can insert it in emails they send out or put it on their own website. Our VBC product is just like a Swiss Army knife: there’s a dozen ways to use it!

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