As an SEO expert, nothing is more thrilling for me than to share to others things that can contribute to their business development. That is what I did at the recent WordCamp Melbourne 2013 conference. It is an event that brings together all WordPress enthusiasts and geeks from around the world.

With the time allotted for me to speak, I talked about the importance of the use of systems for business websites. This is where utilising a reliable and simple platform like WordPress comes along. I also talked about the changing side of SEO through the years and how web videos are fast becoming the future of online marketing.

Web videos are easy to incorporate in WordPress sites. All you need to worry about then is the creation of relevant video content and excellent video presentation to capture your target audience’s attention.

Want to read more about this? See the related press release we’ve sent out here:

Web videos mark the future of online marketing.

Web videos mark the future of online marketing.

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