Want More Views To Your Video? Grab Our View Boost Pack.

Okay, so you’ve either already got your video, or you’re about to order one through us. But how do you get people to see it?

Aren’t you lucky! We can definitely help with our ViewBoost Pack!

Press Release & AdWordsThe ViewBoost Pack comes with a quality Press Release, Paid Advertising on Youtube and bonus Cover Art to use as a click-able thumbnail for your video. Plus, we guarantee to be the cause behind your first 200 legitimate views!

Granted, there are many services out there offering thousands of views for web videos, but please beware… not only are these views illegitimate (as well as of no use to you in terms of conversion!), they can actually damage your reputation in the eyes of Google and YouTube – and that’s definitely something you don’t want to do!

We work with legitimate, trusted and proven methods to get you “views of value” for your video. Our main focus is conversion rate and ROI for your business. Would you rather pay for 200,000 views and keep your fingers crossed there may be a buyer in there? Or would you rather 500 views with a high probability of getting 200 buyers?

If done correctly, getting a Press Release written and distributed can be one of the best tools to market your business online. Couple this with some paid advertising and an eye-catching thumbnail to draw your potential viewer’s attention, and you’ll be well on your way to a successful online video, and a successful online presence!

That’s what you’ll get with our ViewBoost Pack.

Here’s a more detailed breakdown of what’s included:

  • Direct access & consultation with one of our writing experts, who will tailor your Press Release for maximum benefit.
  • A professionally written, structured and web-optimised Press Release of approximately 600 – 800 words.
  • Your video embedded within the Press Release.
  • Your contact details, website link, embedded image, and logo displayed.
  • “Share This” function for sharing on Social Media with your friends, colleagues and clients.
  • Distribution using a renowned media service’s extensive news channels, sites, search engines and media connections – as well as our own private network channels.
  • Paid Ads on Youtube – created and targeted by one of our AdWords experts.
  • Cover Art – still image/graphic to be used as a thumbnail for your video.

How much does it cost?

You get everything done for you for the one-time investment of just $695 + GST – it’s that easy. Just give us a call on 03 8618 6801 or click the button below to make your video work for you.