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Product Launch Service
$19,995 + GST
(One Time Investment)
Script Template, Guidance & Review
Choice of infinite white or black background
Equipment and TelePrompter hire
1 videographer
Up to 4 x fully edited 10-15min PLF videos
Basic logo animation (if required)
Overlay of photos / music / logo animation / existing testimonials
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Why It’s Important
Launching a product is a daunting task, but thankfully there’s a tried and true method for launching your product with the greatest chance of success. It’s called the Product Launch Formula (by Jeff Walker). Chances are you already know how powerful it can be, that’s why you’re here!

In short, it’s the process of easing your customers into the sale, rather than ramming it down their throats. It’s about the law of reciprocity – the idea that you give, give, and give some more, so that by the time your potential customer is ready to buy, they trust you because you’ve already given them so much value.

It’s not only the best way to launch your product, it’s actually a great way to build your brand and your authority. It takes a bit of work upfront, but the payoff can be exceptional. Thankfully, we’ve done this many times before – helping to launch some of our client’s products to raise 6 and 7 figure revenues.

What To Expect
Here at Melbourne Video, we’ve made Product launch videos for clients that have turned this exact method into 6 and 7 figure launches – from Ed Dale (Marketing Guru), to Troy Dean (WP Elevation), to Nathan Chan (Foundr Magazine). And our success doesn’t come from just shooting great videos or understanding online marketing – it’s the unique combination of these two art forms that you won’t find anywhere else.

As you may already know, this all-inclusive service consists of 3 or 4 professionally produced videos that you will then release in sequence. They’re each 10-15 minutes long and they work by building trust and intrigue over a relatively short period of time.

Each video in this method is designed to move the viewer closer to the sale. The first video delivers value, the second video overcomes objections, the third shows some sort of proof, and the last video is like a video sales letter.

We’ll guide you in scripting those 3 or 4 specifically designed videos that are correctly structured (according to the Product Launch Formula) for maximum impact.

We’ll then load the TelePrompter and our experienced videographers will shoot yourself (or someone else) presenting the scripts to camera at the location of your choice.. We’ll then edit all the videos together with photos, music, animated logo, and testimonials. After one round of reviews, you’ll receive downloadable links to each video, so you can begin uploading them to your sales pages… ready for the launch date!

We’ve done heaps of these launch videos and we’ve refined the process to make it really easy to get the scripts out of your head and into a video format that’s going to launch your product with confidence.

Note: Video testimonials from your clients must be provided by you, otherwise if we need to shoot them on your behalf, this will incur additional costs. The easiest way to get video testimonials for free is to ask your raving customers to shoot it themselves on their phone or laptop!

How much does it cost?
Without know the particulars of your project we can’t give you an exact figure. That said, our packages start from $19,995 +GST.

To recap, you get scripting support on up to 4 x 10-15min Product Launch Formula videos. We’ll then professionally shoot and edit all videos with text, overlays, and existing testimonials as needed. You’ll receive your videos, ready for uploading to your sales pages, so you’re ready for the big launch!

Product Launches really don’t get any easier than that. Just give us a call on 03 8618 6801 or click the button below to get started.

Sample videos from a few of our clients:

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