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Video Editor & Producer

Adrian has been producing videos in Melbourne for over 10 years. He has written, directed & edited over 30 short films, made his first feature film at the age of 20, was a 2013 Tropfest finalist. He has studied at the VCA and JMC Academy and has had works shown at both local and international festivals. Utilising his literary, directing, editing and audio engineering skills, he is able to oversee every element of the filmmaking process to create something truly engaging.




Max discovered his passion for video production as a young skateboarder, filming and skating around the streets of Melbourne. Max graduated from JMC Academy in 2014 with a Bachelor Degree majoring in Digital Film and Television Production. Max won the Martini Award for Best Documentary in 2011 for his piece on the art and culture within Melbourne’s city’s lane ways entitled ‘The Lanes’ With over 7 years experience working within the industry, including Writing, Directing and Editing Short films, music video’s, event coverage, weddings, live sports as well as voice over, corporate and in-house training videos, Max now continues his love for the film making process alongside the amazing crew at Melbourne SEO & Video.



Director of MVP

David Jenyns, just over thirty, has lived a life that is envied by people twice his age. A few of his achievements include: taking 2nd place at the Pan Pacific Brazilian Ju-Jitsu Championship, selling the Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG), using SEO to gain massive media attention, coaching hundreds of traders worldwide, visiting the playboy mansion… and that’s just to name a few. David is the ‘real deal’ – just google his name or click here to read his complete bio.

A few of our fun projects:

Our story?

Our modest beginning started in “real world” marketing campaigns – from physical product launches to press releases to create a buying frenzy for our products. Being one for constant improvement in his field, Director David Jenyns soon delved into learning all he could about this little-known thing called “Internet Marketing”. After several years of trial and error (and believe us, there was a lot of that!) our sales went through the roof and we emerged as a leader in the field, a natural outcome when fusing our marketing skills with the internet.

Word of our growing success spread like wildfire, and we found more and more people coming to us asking “How can we hit home runs like you?” So we shared our knowledge, and soon after, it seemed we were spending more time marketing other people’s businesses than our own!

That’s how our parent company, Melbourne SEO Services, was founded. The hand-picked team of experts, which make up the Melbourne SEO Services crew, has the express purpose of carving a “footpath” to their clients’ online presence, and more importantly, converting that visitor into a buying customer!

Then one day, there was a little flitter of the office lights, which made us all take notice of a subtle shift in the way internet marketing was headed: web video.

On set with Kidspot.com.au

First we tested web video out on a couple of our sites, just to see what the response would be like – and what a phenomenal reaction it was! To make sure it wasn’t a fluke, we sprinkled web video over all our sites one by one, and again, sales catapulted! Being simultaneously stunned yet invigorated by our findings, you could literally hear a pin drop as we all sat back thinking, “We just hit another home run!”

The next challenge was how to cope with the influx of new and existing clients wanting the same amazing responses we got from putting web video on our own sites.

So here we are now, Melbourne Video Production, formed out of sheer demand!  We quickly developed and acquired a specialized team focused on top notch web video.  Armed with professional filmmakers and proficient scriptwriters to work in conjunction with Melbourne SEO Services’ internet marketing nous, we won’t just spearhead your website in the sea of results, but make you look good while doing it!

There is no other company like us, offering both internet marketing combined with professional web video.  With our focus always at the horizon, we’ll continue to be at the front of this wave, and will no doubt be at the forefront of the next, before anyone else knows the surf’s up.

To be blunt, if you haven’t integrated web video with your business, your site is already outdated. Call Melbourne Video Production today on 1300 662 979 to find out how you can achieve the results for success… and then sit back and enjoy the ride.

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