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Video Transcript: As far as me, how I got started in video and even marketing online, I created a product called the Metastock Programming Study Guide with another friend, a colleague in a trading education space and we had a really good product. What we found is, you can have an excellent product but unless people know that product exists, the product isn’t going to sell. So it’s all about trying to get your message and your good product in front of as many people as possible. That’s why I started to lean towards YouTube.

I got on YouTube about three or four years ago, I put my first video up. That’s the screen shot right there of my first video. I’m sitting in my bedroom, there is a Bruce Lee picture over to the right and on the top left that’s my little dresser and there’s a little money thing up there and then I had my computer. I had my office, it was my home office which was my bedroom office. A small tip as well, when you can get to a point where you can move your office outside of your bedroom, that’s a good thing because it means you don’t feel like you’re always working. That’s one thing, by having your office in your bedroom, you can never switch off. That’s another little side thing.

That’s how I got started and that was a good few years ago. Now on my core business sites, we’ve got over four hundred and fifty videos on YouTube. We’ve had over a million views on the different channels that we’ve got. It started in my bedroom. The other thing to keep in mind, the first video that you do, it is going to be clumsy, it is going to be awkward. It takes time and practice. The first video that you do will be the worst video you ever do and then everything else will get better from there when you start using online video production to your advantage.

I know sometimes I’ve had clients, and we’re working with a particular client at the moment, who, he watches some of my videos and then he’s thinking, oh, how easy it looks, I’m going to go ahead and replicate this in my business. He’s gone and spent $5000, purchased all the fantastic equipment and set himself up with teleprompter cues and all that type of thing and it’s just not flowing as well. I say, be patient, just getting started and then you’ll improve over time. Really when it comes to web video, you just need to get started.

That’s why Ben was talking at the start about why there’s such an opportunity here for video and YouTube being the second biggest search engine, it’s to hook you guys, to make you realize, this is something where I need to be focusing my attention. It needs to be a core strategy. For those of you who have seen some of the other things that I do in outsourcing, you want to build systems around creating web video. It’s all about systems to pump it out as quickly as you can.

For me, I figure the more videos I’ve got on YouTube, the more tickets in that search engine lottery I’ve got. It’s a John Reese line, he talks about the idea that every piece of content that you create is another ticket in the search engine lottery and you’ve got a greater chance of winning that search engine lottery.

So I started far from being perfect, it was just about getting started. Now I use video production equipment in every video I do. Then along came Ben and Ben is a shining example of an A player, an absolute star in my business. He’s brought so much to the team and doesn’t realize how much I appreciate what it is that he does.

If you look at my videos when I started and you look at where they are now, they’re worlds apart. He’s got me wearing different coloured t-shirts that match the colour of my logo so I’m branded right. He’s got me doing a whole lot of things that I just hadn’t thought about. Along comes Ben and then I’ll handball back to you.

Ben: That’s the thing, Dave and I have had lots of discussions about quality versus quantity because Dave is so prolific, he’s got so many things going on. He’s making so many videos and wants to get them out, get them out, which I absolutely agree with. The thing is though, you do need to find that balance with the quality of it. If you’re presenting yourself and this is your business and you are the face of that business in any way, even if you’re selling a product but you’re going to use yourself to promote it, how you come across, people will make a judgment within the first thirty seconds.

I’ve stood up here and you’ve already decided some things about me, you can’t help it, it’s just the way we’re wired. So that’s what I’ve really been working with Dave on, is about balancing, yes, let’s get out ten videos at a time but it doesn’t take too long to set it up nicely and get the lighting right and get good audio and things like that. People will appreciate it more and they won’t switch off as quickly.

I’m just going to play you some very quick examples. This first one is an example of one Dave has done. (video) Now have a look at the views. Good content, it says 36,000 views. He’s created some great content there that people obviously come to see. The only thing is it looks like it’s done in a bedroom. That’s ok if that’s the level you’re starting at, then that’s ok but there are things you can do just to tweak it a little bit. We want to make the most of it. Look at this guy’s face, we’ve got to make the most of this guy.

Here’s where I came in and when I started working with Dave he had lights and things like that, so I just set them up and showed him what they’re about, why you use them and how you use them. It’s exactly what we’re going to do today. If you see here, we’ve changed it and I’ll go into this in more detail. It’s framed differently, it’s more like what you’d see on TV or on films and things like that. We’ve got a nice lower third there so it’s starting to brand him already. He’s lit differently so he looks a lot brighter. I just want to go back one. There’s that (video). Then this one (video).

So what’s happening? You can already see there’s a certain kind of strength, credibility and confidence as well that comes across. That’s really important when presenting a video. You want to be confident, you want people to say, yes, I trust this person.

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