Wrong audio equipment can turn your viewer off!

Bad audio can be an assault on the ears! It’s bad enough when distorted sound ruins a YouTube video you’ve been waiting to see, but it’s certainly not something you want to be associated with the videos you make for your business using quality video production equipment. Getting the right audio you might say is even more important than the camera you buy. You need to get the audio right, but you can relax, it’s not going to cost you an arm and a leg. A great set up can be purchased for $200-$300 or less.

There are three main types of sound and video studio equipment you can use for making your videos – they are stand alone microphones, camera-mounted mikes and wireless devices. If you are very clear about what you’ll be using your video for, this will make it easier to choose the audio equipment that is right for you.

First you have the stand alone mikes, which are generally a high end solution. For your own small business type videos, these would be unnecessary overkill. They are expensive and much more than you would normally need to use.

The second option is camera-mounted devices. They attach and plug into your camera and are uni-directional. They may have wind socks to reduce interference and balance sound. You can buy a good quality Rode Video Microphone for around $130, and these are an excellent mid-range solution for your audio.

The wireless devices are the most popular audio devices for amateur video makers looking for a professional quality video production equipment.

Bluetooth devices are commonly used, but some can only be used with equipment of the same brand. For example, the Sony ECMHW3 can only be used with other Sony equipment, but the Sony ECMAW3 can be used with other equipment as long as they have a mike plug in. Most cameras, including the Flip and Kodak do have these plug ins. You can use the device on any camera that has an external microphone jack.  The Sony ECMAW3 can be bought for about $200 to $300 and is money well spent, as good audio will mean your entire video goes to a new level of quality.

You can wear the Bluetooth audio device around your neck on a lanyard or as an armband. This reduces any noise which you may get if you hold it and are tempted to fiddle with the device. It is important not to hold the device in your hand, as unwanted noise will be created.

There are also USB devices like the Snowball which are ideal for desk top usage.

Get your audio right and you will have a compelling video which is able to grow your business. If you have any further questions about which video production equipment to use for your particular company, or any other queries about video making, get in touch with us at Melbourne Video Production. We have a wealth of experience behind us which will make us able to help you with any worries you might have when making your videos.

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