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While we do have our fixed price video package, it looks like you’re after something a little more custom. With so many variables with video, the next step is for you to contact our expert team of videographers so we can get clear on your vision. We can then provide you with an accurate quote and clear timelines.

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Step 2.
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Step 3.
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We specialise in corporate, branding, promo & Kickstarter videos.

Product launch videos

If you have a new product you’re about to launch, there’s no better way to do it than with video! Web video offers potential clients/customers the closest experience they’ll get to actually using or holding the product in their own hands. By creating an almost tactile experience for your viewers by featuring the product’s functions, benefits and aesthetics – it will easily turn them into buyers. Click here to see an example.

How-to videos

Whether you offer products or services, providing how-to videos can help your business thrive. How? Through engaging your customers with help, which effectively “sells them” through education. From displaying product functionality to DIY tips, free of charge, you create a sense of caring and customer service that will propel you miles ahead of your competition. Click here to see an example.

Training videos

Whether it’s staff or customer training, it takes a great length of time and much repetition to bring someone ‘up to scratch’ with processes. Training videos save enormous amounts of time and money for businesses. Record the training once, then use it for many years to come. The best thing is, you don’t even have to be there while your staff/clients are being trained! What’s more, when they become hazy on a particular step in a process, they can simply refer again to the training video for the answer. Click here to see an example.

Internal communication videos

Don’t waste any more money on interstate travel, lengthy meetings and catering to other people’s schedules. Shoot an internal communication video to share with your staff – anything from monthly updates to progress reports – the options are endless! Once done, simply share the video over the internet or privately within your intranet – all with a one-time input from you. This type of video frees up more time and more money for your business. Click here to see an example.

Youtube pre-roll ads

You’ve probably seen those short ads that run before you watch a YouTube video; they’re called a “pre-roll” ad. If well-crafted, those potentially annoying ads can totally engage target audiences and lead them to where you want them to go…and they work. Tap into our skills (we know exactly how to grab an audience within the first 5 seconds!) or use ideas of your own; either way, we’ll create a captivating pre-roll ad – and even set up the YouTube advertising campaign for you! Then, all you have to do is watch the new clients roll in! Click here to see an example.

Business tour videos

Another great way to engage with your potential clients is to have a business/office tour video on your website. It helps people become familiar with who they’re dealing with and also adds a level of authenticity to your business – which is hard to achieve when working in the online space. A business tour video is the perfect way to make your clients feel connected with your business, without them even walking in the front door. Click here to see an example.

QR code videos

You know those square barcodes you see everywhere nowadays? The code may appear in a personalised letter, in a magazine, on a bus stop ad – or pretty much anywhere you want! These boxes of dots & squiggles are called QR Codes and are a great way to interact with potential clients/customers. When someone scans the QR Code with their phone, they’ll be directed to the video we’ve created – telling them about your business or maybe even offering them a special deal for taking the time to scan it. The marketing potential is endless and its innovation will put you ahead of your competition. Click here to see an example.

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