Web video is the lowest hanging fruit for any online business. Web video marketing is something all businesses should be looking at and there are several reasons for this.

Look at These YouTube Facts and Figures

YouTube is the king of online video and some of the facts about its growth are truly amazing. It is the fourth largest site on the net, it is the second largest search engine after Google and the largest video site on the net by far. Twenty hours of content is uploaded to YouTube per minute. That equates to Hollywood putting out 86,000 movies every week. One billion videos are served every day, 12.2 billion videos are served per month just in the US and 82% of internet users view online video.

Video Shows Transparency and Authenticity

The biggest barrier to doing business over the internet is that people fear that they will be scammed and the person proposing to do business with them will simply disappear with their money. This huge barrier can be overcome through video. Showing the prospective customer that you are a real, living, breathing person, instantly creates trust in their mind. They can see and hear you, so they tend to believe you and believe in what you are telling them about your products and services.

Video Gives Expert Status and Authority

Video helps build authority in your field using viral video marketing. It is almost like having written a book. An author acquires instant credibility and authority once he has had a book published. People look up to him and believe that he has achieved expert status. This applies to video as well.

Also, people come to feel as if they know you if they have seen you on video. You have answered some of the frequently asked questions perhaps, and it is almost as if you have presold your customers before they even get to talk to you.

Video Equals Traffic

Video is the lowest hanging fruit. Forrester Research in 2009 found that your site has a 50% better chance of appearing on the first page of search results if you use video when compared to those who do not. This is because it is still relatively new and people are less educated about using this newer technology. It is not as competitive because people don’t necessarily build back links to their video, they don’t do appropriate on page optimization or keyword research.

Using video and doing appropriate keyword research, you have a great opportunity to dominate the search results before your competitors catch up using effective web video marketing strategies.

Video is the Future

There are currently more than seventy video sites on the web with many specialist sites as well as general video hosters like YouTube. There is a convergence of the web and TV, as web enabled TVs start to hit the market from the likes of Sony and Dell which means video is only going to get more important as time goes by.

Don’t waste this valuable opportunity of growing your business using web video marketing.

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Video is the lowest hanging fruit for an online business.

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