Making a promotional video is not about you.

You may feel a little intimidated about standing in front of a camera. There is no need to feel this way, because the whole process when you make a promotional video is not about you, but about your clients’ needs and desires. You are there to explain to them the benefits and value of the product or service you have to offer them.

Charisma Is Over Rated

You may think that all presenters are able to present on the fly. What you won’t realize from a natural looking video is that this has all been pre scripted and practiced so that it looks completely natural. In order to feel completely relaxed in front of the camera, you need to think carefully about the points you want to cover and exactly what you want to explain to your prospective clients. All this preparation in making online sales videos will make the nerves disappear and you will feel completely in control.

As Many Takes As You Want

When the video is edited and ready to be uploaded, it will look as if it has all been done in one take. This is not true. Some sections may need to be redone dozens if not scores of times until they flow smoothly and without any hesitations or fumbles. A skillful editor will make the whole video seem to flow without interruption. So you can relax when you are shooting, this does not have to be perfect from beginning to end.

When they make a promotional video, some people like to have every word scripted out so that they can rehearse until they are word perfect. Others are fine with bullet points. A good way to prompt your memory as you are actually shooting the video is to have a white board set up behind the camera. On this you have the bullet points of every aspect that you want to cover.

Simply glance at the white board, speak about that point, and when you have finished, pause for a second or two before you start on the second point. This will make it a lot easier for your editor to create a smooth, uninterrupted video.

Hook- Story- Sell

Promotional videos are generally best if they follow the Hook – Story – Sell pattern. Have an arresting opening few seconds which will captivate and hook your audience. You now have them in the palm of your hand and can proceed to tell them your story. Everyone loves a story, it’s what our entire civilization has been built upon. Show them the way your product works, show them the benefits and how their lives will be enhanced by purchasing what it is that you are offering.

Think like they are thinking, explain to them in their language how their particular difficulty or problem can be overcome. Then in the final moments you can explain how they can get hold of what you are showing them.

Internet video production opens a treasure trove of selling tools to the online business. Overcome the ‘me’ factor when you make a promotional video and concentrate on the audience you wish to captivate and ultimately to sell to. Remember that it is about them, not you.

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