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Video Transcript: So what does that all mean? It’s all about balance. You guys, by the end of today, we’re going to have you get started. We’re not going to actually shoot any videos with you, but we’re going to have you start to devise three that you might want to make. Just to start thinking about the kind of content you can create. When you do, it’s about getting them out there, but also presenting yourself in the best light because you have an audience ultimately, that’s who you’re trying to connect with, potential customers or existing customers and you want to take them to the next level.

With that, you need to think about what they expect. If you were here yesterday, Dave talked about finding out who your avatar is. You float out of your own head and go into your avatar’s body and think about exactly what they want to see. What information do they want, what’s it going to take for them to trust you and to feel connected to your brand? That’s about finding that balance.

As well, you might not have considered this but use videos to promote yourself at all levels. You’ve got a new product coming out, you’ve just done an amazing wedding you want to talk about. Anything like that, use it. If there’s some great news, you just went traveling, you’ve just come back and you’ve just found out this amazing piece of information, make a video about it. It’s a really powerful thing. Dave does it all the time, Pete does it all the time, it’s a really powerful tool.

Dave: I’ll jump back in on this one. A couple of things, when it comes to the quantity versus quality, especially when you’re first getting started, just get out whatever you can. It’s that hurdle of getting over getting started, you need to start doing more video. As you can, just start to improve it as you go. Just get started.

As far as the goal of today, I just want to make sure we pre frame this right, because if you aim at nothing, you’re sure to hit. What we’re trying to do right at the start, we talk about opening your mind to what it is you can do with video. We’re going to introduce you to the different tools, we’re going to introduce you to use video production equipment, show you how to set it up, show you then how to get that video out there and distributed. At the end of the day, probably one of the sessions you’ll look forward to most is then, well, how do we take the knowledge that we learned today and then convert that straight into cash?

So we’ve got that and then the other thing as well, which Ben is really good at, is then bringing it all back down to, well, let’s create an action plan. So at the end of the day, in one of the last sessions, we’ll talk about planning out, as he was saying, what videos are you going to work on, how we’re going to do the video scripting. Scripting is an area, I know Ben is going to go into more detail, that most people just skim over, yet it’s probably the most important thing when it comes to writing video.

Question: Dave, I was just wondering, what’s your outcome when you’re doing the video. Is it a blend of branding yourself as a person and also selling the services you offer? What’s your mix of both of those?

David: Good question. It depends on where the video is being distributed. For me, you need to set up that outcome first and Ben is going to talk all about that in the scripting area. We’ll talk about some different styles of video. You might have a testimonial video, you might have a video that’s selling a particular product or service, you might have a tutorial type video. There is a whole host of videos. Each video is going to have its own outcome.

Part of it will also be related to where it’s distributed to. If you’re distributing to YouTube, or you’re distributing to Facebook, Facebook is a completely different kettle of fish. If you jump into my Facebook account, what are you going to see? You’re going to see photos and videos of Caz and I on our last holiday. I made a little video of us on our Europe trip and I put it on there.

The reason I do that is when my clients, I know some people use fan pages. I’m still building under my own personal profile and accepting everyone. I will shift to the fan page model, but at the moment I’m accepting everybody in. It’s so the clients can connect with me and say, Dave’s a real guy, Dave’s out there, my friends call it Brand Dave. It’s the brand that goes onto Facebook and I put things there which allow people to connect with me at a different level. So it depends where the video is going.

Ben: I’ll just add to that. One thing to remember is that every single company on earth is made up of people. It’s people who are running these things. Dave is an entrepreneur, he’s talking about his products, he’s the brand. Even if you’ve got the driest product, if you’re selling wheat biscuits or whatever it is, it doesn’t matter, if you bring a face to it, then all of a sudden it changes it, it brings that human connection which ultimately is what you’re trying to do. Regardless of whether it’s building a personal brand or for the company itself, being the face of it or the voice behind it or whatever will have a great impact.

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