Easily become a subject expert.

When you are seeking more revenue streams, you should look no further than creating information product using online videos and promotional video production.

You want time to be able to work on your business, not be taken up just with the day to day tasks. If you develop info videos, you will free up your time to be able to work on the bigger picture.

What are information products? They are products which rely on the information they impart, rather than on the physical product itself. This can be in the form of ebooks, reports, workshops, seminars, reports or training materials.

You need to consider three things when you start to produce information products. Be sure of what it is your customers want to know, position yourself as the expert in your field and finally deliver the product in the right medium and market it correctly using promotional video production.

Find Out What Your Customers Want To Know

One of the best ways to discover what information your customers are looking for is to do a survey. This can be done easily using something like SurveyMonkey. Once you have the completed surveys, you will be able to design your product using the answers as a guide. Alternatively, you may have an instinctual knowledge  about what your customers want to learn, based on your years of contact with them.

Position Yourself As The Expert

You can build up a reputation for yourself as an expert in a number of ways. You can demonstrate your knowledge through commenting in social media discussions; you can make informative how-to videos, you can align yourself with industry leaders by interviewing them and then making these interviews and client testimonials available to your followers.

Produce And Market The Product

For the content of the information product, you may choose to run a workshop or seminar to which you invite your customers and have a professional video company film it. You can then sell the videos you create from this content.

The video production company should help you to handle the post production work and advise you how to best market the DVDs that are produced. An online version of the footage should be created as well.

You can use the info video in multiple places. Apart from the DVDs, you can also cut snippets from the footage and post these on YouTube to intrigue your customers and get them interested in buying the full version. You could also create an ebook with additional information to go with the DVDs.

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