More people are now connected through the mobile web.

Mobile devices, particularly smartphones are on the rise in Australia and online businesses need to be prepared. If your web videos aren’t smartphone friendly, you’re going to miss out on a huge potential audience if you are not into web video marketing.

Why Is It So Important To Be Aware Of Smartphones?

Google and Ipsos recently did a study which showed that the use of smartphones has increased dramatically both inAustralia and overseas. They found that smartphone usage inAustraliahit 50% at the end of 2011. Seventy-five percent of smartphone users access a search engine and online video sharing sites, 71% browse the web and 31% stream video content. They also found the 85% of smartphone users used their handset at home and 66% used them on the move.

Because the use of smartphones is on the rise, it is essential that you take this into account when you’re optimizing your website and videos. Most sites are not optimized for viewing on smartphones.

However, you have spent time, effort and money creating your online video, so you want to get maximum exposure for it using web video marketing. If it can only be viewed by those who like to watch on PCs and notebooks, you are cutting yourself off from a large part of your potential market. The value of your online video market campaign can be greatly increased if your take the trouble to make your videos smartphone friendly.

How You Can Best Optimize Video For Smartphones

Because these devices are so small, you need to use very large fonts if you are going to incorporate text. A URL or a call to action that involves an email address or phone number simply won’t be seen.

Audio and lighting are especially important when making videos to be seen on smartphones. Your message needs to be clearly seen and heard, so make sure of both these aspects.

Viewers of video on smartphones have very short attention spans. You may have heard people say to keep online videos short and snappy – that is true but it is particularly true for video that will be seen on smartphones.

As people get used to watching video on their smartphone, the demand will increase, so online business owners need to be ready. Mostly now web video is made for viewing on PCs and notebooks, but this will quickly change to portable handsets and tablets.

If you are at the forefront of this revolution in the way videos need to be optimized using web video marketing, your business will reap the benefit by gaining more customers and increased sales.

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