Video Transcript: Ben: I’m going to make a pretty bold claim right now. I don’t think you’ve ever seen a film or a TV show that you loved that didn’t have a good script. Everything starts with a great script. Even if it’s improvised, there is still a structure, a blueprint, a guiding factor that goes into it. So I’m going to be really adamant it, I’m going to be evangelical about how important a script is. When I say a great script, it could be a bunch of questions that you ask someone. We do a lot of testimonials. I do a lot of corporate videos where it is talking heads. I’m interviewing people and it is to help promote their company and it’s all about the questions you ask, still that’s a script and there’s an outcome that we want from that. So we’re going to go into some details of the different types of videos and the different types of scripts that you want to write to achieve those videos.

As we were just talking about before, know your avatar, know your audience. Are you talking to a thirty-five year old female marketing executive who’s time poor who just wants to know this is going to be a good branding tool that they can spread out to social media and so on? Are you talking to a CEO who says, yes, I get it in two seconds, I don’t need to know the details, give me the concept, bang. Or are you educating someone on something that they’ve never seen before or they don’t know how to do? I’ve just put together a presentation for a show that’s on at the Fringe Festival at the moment with a woman, she’s a mother of two, she’s a great actor, she can‘t use PowerPoint. So I’ve had to guide her through how to use those things. I made a little video to show her how to add a slide. So know your avatar, know your audience. That’s the number one thing.

David: To add onto that as well, we were working with a client as well, that guy that I was saying who purchased all of that equipment, and he was asking us, when I’m presenting, and you might have this under the presenting tips, but he was saying, when I’m presenting, how should I dress? Should I put on a shirt and tie? Ben’s response to that was, how do you present to the client? When the client comes through the door, what are they going to see? If they’re going to see you in a shirt and tie, dress like that. If they’re going to see you in a t-shirt, that’s why when you look at all my Melbourne SEO material, I’m in a t-shirt, I’m not in a shirt and tie and some of my material can be very casual. You pick the audience that you’re going for.

The only time you’ll see me wearing as shirt is at these presentations. The reason for that is the DVDs get made and they’ll be marketed to small businesses. We don’t market them to the internet marketing community, we market it to small businesses. That’s why I’m wearing a shirt, when usually I’m a t-shirt kind of guy. So know who it is that you’re marketing to and then make sure you meet them where they are and what it is they’re expecting to see.

Ben: Exactly, and it’s not a hard thing to do. It just takes a little bit of empathy, just putting yourself out there and thinking who you want to attract. I’ve been to courses where they talk about if you’re trying to achieve a goal, it’s not how you’re going to achieve it, it’s who, who you need to achieve that goal. So again, how you present yourself will help you achieve that goal.

The outcome will dictate the content. Know your avatar and know what you want them to do. Do you want them to opt in, do you want them to buy something, do you want them to pass the video on? That’s going to dictate exactly what you write and how you create it. What action do you want them to take and how long should it be. I’m sure all of you are wondering, do I make a half hour DVD, do I make a five minute, three minute, ten minute?

Generally, these days, three minutes is the limit. Again, you guys are the experts in this. How often are you sent a link or you go on to YouTube and you say, five minutes? No. Three minutes, yes, I’ll do it. You end up spending four hours on YouTube anyway but it’s four hours broken into three minute lots. So you can get a lot of information across in three minutes or less.

I just finished a big job for the Victorian Government, the Office for the community Sector, where I was making videos for the nominees for an awards event that they had. They initially wanted five minute profiles on these people. So I jumped onto YouTube, I found a link to Australian Idol and I sent them that. I said, here’s a profile from someone from Australian Idol and all the information has come across in ninety seconds. So we made ninety second profiles for them and they worked out really well. You don’t necessarily need more if you script it well and structure it well, then you can get the information across concisely. Ultimately everyone is time poor and that’s what they want to see.

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