Every video starts with a great online video script. Even if it is improvised, the actors and writers have thought about the content, the subjects to be covered, and have rehearsed what will be said to some extent. Perhaps your video is an interview. Here, the questions will be scripted so that the interviewer has a clear idea of where he is heading and what he will cover.

If the free video script is so important, it stands to reason that you must think carefully about it before you launch into it. There are several areas you must be sure about before you begin to write that all important script.

Firstly, who is your avatar? Be keenly aware of who the audience for your video is likely to be. Is it an internet entrepreneur who can grasp things in a matter of seconds and who you must address concisely because he is very time poor? Then fit your video around those expectations. Is it an educational video to guide someone through using PowerPoint for the very first time?

Are you presenting a series of testimonials to convince someone that your product or service is worthy of their attention? Are you hoping to show them that you are an expert by succinctly answering a series of frequently asked questions? Your video will need to be highly detailed but free of jargon and show the process in clear simple steps, accompanied by an unambiguous explanation.

Closely linked to this will be what are your trying to achieve through the making of this video? Be very clear in your own mind before you even begin to write the script what action, if any, you want your audience to take at the end. Do you want them to be able to change a washer, deliver a PowerPoint presentation, or do you want them to pick up the phone and purchase the product you have been demonstrating?

Next, what should you wear for your video? This will be determined by who you are talking to. If it is to the internet marketing community, you will probably need to dress casually, as that is what they will expect. No suits and ties for these types of videos; a simple t-shirt and pants will be the most appropriate.  If they see you dressed as  they are used to, they will feel more comfortable with you, as if you’re ‘one of them’. If it is the small business owner you are addressing, then a shirt may be more appropriate. How would you dress if you were meeting your audience fact to face? This will guide you in how you should dress for the video.

How long should your online video script be? This is a crucial question, as you don’t want the video to be so long that people, think before they even start, no, I don’t have that sort of time. There are so many things pressing for people’s attention today, that many do not have a spare half hour to sit and watch something. You can get an amazing amount of material into a very short space of time if you plan carefully. Usually a video should be about three minutes in length.

If you have more content to show, you can easily make a series of videos, each approximately three minutes long. Once your audience gets am idea of the value you are giving them, it will become relatively easy to convince them that it is worth their while to watch more in the series.

Consider these four questions carefully, and you will be in a position to write a great online video script for a fascinating video.

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