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Video Transcript: Rob: Firstly, for those of you who don’t know who I am, I’m part of an organization that built a business, a very significant business on the back of video, a New York Stock Exchange listed business. One of the reasons we’ve been able to do that, is the value of video has such a high perception within any community online. We start off with text, audio, video. If you get to the point where you can easily, efficiently and regularly produce video content, you will add value to your business. It’s quite simple.

I enjoyed the seminar, I thought it was a fantastic summary of the whole video topic. I’m lucky in the sense I’ve been producing and been responsible for publishing video content for six years. What I can say, is in 2010, it’s far easier now than it was even only two years ago. The technology has reached that point where it’s cheap, affordable, relatively easy to use and there’s great vertical integration between the hardware, the software for editing and the servers online for both distributing that video and disseminating that video. So it gets easier every year. There’s no longer any excuse not to be in this game because it’s much easier now than it has been in the past. Other than that, just buy a Mac.

Ben: I agree.

Question: Gentlemen, thank you, fantastic day, thank you very much. I think the big takeaway for me was just raise the bar, that overall professionalism. Buy that third light, don’t play around with chroma screen unless you’re going to do it really well. Just get a black background. Edit on the action, I love that one. Just those little nuggets all the way through, leading up to the video pitch, which is absolutely golden and we shall be using that. Thank you very much for a great day.

Question: Thanks so much. I came in here terrified. I was terrified, I knew I had to do video but I had no idea how I was going to do it. I’m leaving almost a completely different person. I’m not afraid anymore. I know what I need to do. I know I need to get some light, I know I need to set myself up with a black screen, I know I have to write a script and I know I have to do it often and just practice. So that’s what I’m going to do. I’m just going to go home and do all of those things on how to make viral videos.

The other thing that I wasn’t expecting today, but I got, was how to upload them so I know that they’ll be effective. I hadn’t actually thought about that because I was so terrified about being in front of the camera. So now I know when they’re uploaded, they’ll actually be found in the search engines and they’ll be useful for my customers, so it’s the whole package, so thank you so much.

David: That was excellent too. That might be the front runner I think. You might be coming number one, I quite like that one. Now this gentleman here, he’s got over a million views on his YouTube channel, so he knows a thing or two about YouTube.

Question: Today I think Pete gave two cracker things, VideoHive because I was getting quotes for intro stuff and they were not $20.

David: We paid $500 for the start of the OTM, watch the start of the OTM, the Online Trading Mastermind launch and you watch that video that I worked with, I paid $500 for that one and that was a good price.

Question: The editing material, were just some simple things which would take no longer than I’m already doing. The video will step up so much more and be able to keep the engagement, so they’ll watch further through the video and so on. And leveraging an expert, that last thing, the pitch, is killer.

David: Cool, thank you.

Question: With my business, Dave and Steve would appreciate SEO is very hard to get in the door with companies. Everyone has an SEO scam story.

David: Position it differently, SEO work is easy.

Question: I know it is easy but everyone is getting bombarded every day from SEO companies and they’re getting the same old message.

David: You need to be the guy that they seek out. I don’t pitch for work any more. They have to come to me and they have to prove they want to work with me.

Question: Ok, but I find video’s a very good door opener. It’s different, it’s unique, there are not many people out there pitching it and there are people who aren’t doing it very well. With my business, I’ve found video, I’ve offered freebies to get in the door with companies and that develops a trust factor with me. I’ve had the problem with trust and SEO because of the scam stories and so on. I’ve found it has been a very good door opener.

I struggle with creativity so some of the things I learned have been very helpful with editing web videos, coming up with different ideas. I’ve got a meeting with a guy tomorrow to discuss YouTube videos. I know for a fact he spends $30,000 on 3AW for radio advertising, so it’s given me a few ideas there.

David: You don’t struggle for SEO clients. You only need one or two of those and you’ll be perfect.

Question: I realize that, SEO is easy work. I keep on getting the message from people that we’re all scam artists.

David: You’re definitely on the right track, you just keep positioning yourself. Have a look at what we do at Melbourne SEO and just start to incorporate some of those. You’re already doing really well anyway.

Question: I just find the ideas today will help me with my video side of the business. We all know video is the way to go, just trying to get the customers to take us up.

David: Perfect. Thank you for that. Do you have anyone that you thought stood out. Was there anyone?

Ben: I’m out of this.

David: I did like yours, Jen, and I also liked over here, so maybe we’ll do the same prize for both of you.

Ben: Yes and we’ll film it.

David: So you’ll both win. I suppose in the tail end of this workshop, I’m going to come back to this slide and that will be the slide that I finish on. If you want to find out a little bit more about me and what it is that I do, go to davidjenyns.com, Melbourne SEO Services and you can also check out the twitter and Facebook and Posterous. If you just get on to davidjenyns.com, you’ll find connections to just about everything. There’s a tab on there that says my websites.

Then we have Ben. As you heard, he has a production company. The type of clients that he will work with are clients who are looking for serious jobs. He works for serious players. You don’t go to him for a few hundred dollar job. When you want someone to give you really high quality material that you know you can rely on, that’s when you go to Ben. Ben’s really good at that sort of thing and you’ll get Google versus Yellow Pages type material that will get you media attention and you’ll get a creative mind. It’s storylab.com.au.

Ben: But don’t look at it, I’ve just built a new site, I haven’t moved it over to that url yet, so later in the week, it’s ready to go.

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