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Pete: I just want to jump in here a second and give you another idea about how you can use the sort of style of white paper, business email lists and autoresponder online in a different sort of way. Something we do with the telco company is, on our site we’ve got a request a quote function. People can click a big red button and request a quote. This takes them to fill out a form which asks them what sort of a system are you after, how many handsets, how big is your office, all that sort of thing.

What actually happens is, the moment they submit that, they get an e-mail back from our system straightaway: ‘Hi Scott, thanks for enquiring about a phone system. One of our sales team will be with you shortly. If you need someone to actually respond straightaway, please give us a call. I’ve also taken the time to attach to this e-mail a copy of our free buyer’s guide. It runs through the top seven tips to actually think about when buying a phone system. It’ll help you when choosing a system from us or anybody else, from our Sales Manager.’

When they actually request a contact form or a request a quote form, they automatically get this response straightaway with that free white paper. The amount of responses we get straightaway, because people fill out this form, get this autoresponder which looks like it’s been sent from our sales manager, reply saying, Hi Scott, No, I’ll wait for a call. Not a problem at all.

We probably get two or three responses automatically a day to this. The customers are amazed, oh, great thanks for the report. I had a read through it. Then when we actually call them to actually go through that request a quote to put a proposal together, they are much more educated. A lot of them have actually read it and it makes the sales process a lot easier because they’re educated about the process.

They’ve gone through what we want them to go through and they love it. Oh, thank you so much, you’re trying to help me here. So it makes that sale a lot easier as well. So it’s not only about building a database, it’s about increasing conversion rates.

Question: The free report that you give them, is that a surprise, or do you tell them that they’re going to get that?

Pete: It’s a full surprise, so we don’t mention it anywhere on the site. We have a section on our site about download a free buyer’s guide and then there’s a moving guide for moving your business. We’ve got a bunch of white papers, but that’s purely a surprise.

It looks like the video marketing sales person has read their request and responded, saying, thank you, we’re really busy at the moment. One of our video sales team will get back to you in the next 24 hours. If it’s urgent, give us a call. But in the meantime, I’ve attached this for you to read through. They just go, wow, it’s all about reciprocation and you give something first and they’ll feel obliged to give back something to you. And hopefully, it means a cheque for a phone system.

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