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Video Transcript: David: Then building that autoresponder system, you can have sequential mailings go out to them. I’ve just given you a little bit of a template here that you could follow for most local businesses. Day 1, or immediately, once they enter their details, they’ll get sent the free report. This is something that AWeber and GetResponse can handle for you. So if you’re unfamiliar with autoresponder services, it’s a pretty simple process.

Usually the way that I like to do it, Day 1, they get the free report. Day 2, I’ll say who we are, educate them as to who we are, tell them the story. When you have a look at the About page on Melbourne SEO Services, I talk about, hang on, we started off in the stock market niche. We were never going to be an SEO company. I was doing SEO for my own business and we were getting some fantastic results. Then it evolved into what it is that we’re doing.

So everybody’s got a story to tell and you just need to drag that story out because people connect with stories. If you can build that into your process, what made you get into the marriage celebrant business? What made you want to get started and how have you built up that expertise in that area?

After a few days you might introduce the video services that you offer and say, here’s what we offer. You might also, Day 7, similar to what Pete was saying, this works incredibly well. I have a set format that I send out my e-mails and it’s got a set signature and a set way that I write the e-mail. Then I’ve got, usually at about Day 4, I’ve got an e-mail that’s super short. It just says something like, hey, a quick question is the subject. Then, hey it’s Dave. I just wanted to check in. I usually like to check in with people after they’ve subscribed for about a week or so, just to see how you’re going. If you’ve got any questions, give me a buzz, here’s my personal mobile number. Cheers, Dave.

I don’t put any signature at the bottom, nothing like that. People contact me saying, they’ll send something through e-support, like, oh, yes, I do have a question. Thanks for checking in. It’s that really personal contact, but I only have to give that personal contact once they’ve put their hand up and said I’m interested. That’s the Can I Help e-mail.

Then maybe after 10 days, it’s building the testimonials idea. The biggest issue people have when doing business with people is believing what it is they have to say. That’s why testimonials are so important in marketing your business videos. Testimonials are key. In a moment I’m going to teach you how to do a good testimonial. So when we have a break in a little bit and you get a chance to do a testimonial with Ben about today’s workshop, you’ll know exactly what to say. The testimonials process, if you got good value, and you’re getting good value out of today, then if you can show that you give the client the result, then they’re going to be happy to give you a testimonial and that helps people build that trust with you.

Then I have a content day. It might be some more free content. Make them an offer. Once they’ve been with you for a little while, start to make offers to them. Keep adding content. If I have a look at my trading list, I’ve got over 12 months’ worth of autoresponders. So someone joins up with me and they get 12 months of me hitting their e-mail box. Over time, I’ve started to test them and rewrite them and ripped ones out that I didn’t think were working and started to play round.

If you could build something like that in your business, could you imagine how much extra free time that would give you and it would just be this massive lead funnel. The aim of the game then would be, how much traffic can I drive at the website after using this autoresponder service? Then you start to use SEO pay per click type of thing, then use that to convert them and you only chat with people when they call up and say, I’m ready to order. Here’s my credit card details.

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