Make your site visitors feel happy to stay.

You as an online business owner cannot afford to ignore the power of web video as a part of top notch video marketing tips and marketing strategy. However, once you have your video made, how do you actually go about embedding it on your website?

It is important to keep your visitor on your website and not have them clicking away to get to see your video. For this reason, you need to embed your video to stop them navigating away.

Previously, uploading a video on to your website was a laborious and time consuming task. It was time consuming for you to upload, and time consuming for the viewer before they could watch it. Just to cover a five minute video you had to upload large 100-200MB WMV and AVI files onto your website. The viewer had to wait until the whole video had downloaded before they could watch it.

Today there are two easy ways to embed your video and help in branding your business. First, you can upload it to YouTube and turn it into a flash video format. This will give you an HTML code that you put into your website and this will allow you to replicate your video there.

So as long as you upload the video to YouTube first, which you may do overnight, you can easily embed any video you wish.

Another way to embed video is to create an AVI or WMV file that you then convert to flash format using web video converting software. You need to look for the user-friendly packages as some are more difficult to use than others.

Now with embedding you can create hours of web video and it all remains a convenient size. For a five minute video you need just a few Megabites.

All the hard work has been done for you with web converting software. Looking for additional video marketing tips? You just need to shoot and edit your video and then create the AVI or WMV file. Now when the visitor sees that you have a video, they don’t have to visit another site, maybe type in a different URL in order to get to the video. The video is right there on your page, and all they need to do is click Play to see it.

You will find that once you start to embed videos on your website, visitors will stay longer. They will be intrigued by what the video has to say and will stay right through to the end if it is well made and informative.

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