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Video Transcript: Video sales letters convert higher, people buy from people they like. If you like someone, you’re more inclined to buy their product. Someone you might not like, you might not buy a product from them. You also need to know your avatar as well, that’s really key. I like to think about who my avatar is, who it is I’m trying to sell to. I’ll float out of my mind, I’ll float down into their mind. I’ll imagine what it is that they are thinking, what’s frustrating, what’s stopping them from watching my video, I know time is limited, everyone’s email box is getting pounded with different offers and attention grabbing things, so what would attract me, being that person? Then I speak those words.

I suppose this builds on what Ben was talking about, that three act structure, hook, story and sell is the way that I’ll do my sales letters. It’s the same thing Ben was talking about and I’ll go through what the different areas are.

The first one is you’ll hook them, and you do it in the most brutal fashion you can. You need to hook them and break their pattern. As I said, everyone is in their normal nine to five, so you need to do something that immediately breaks them out of their daily pattern.

A lot of people started to do this with video for a little while, where they’d do Car Casts because people weren’t familiar with that type of recording or they might have different things. As things get more familiar, you then need to be an innovator and come up with new ways to break the pattern. People get familiar with that style and you need to find something else. So you have to start off by finding something that hooks them and gets them right at the start of your video sales letter.

I don’t open with, hi, I’m David Jenyns, because what does that mean to the avatar? The avatar doesn’t care who I am. I start with, are you having problems with hair loss? I have a solution, or whatever the point is. That first statement needs to be just like a headline; it needs to be bold and out there. I open strong, because that’s how you hook them and you get them to draw in and listen to what you’ve got to say. Someone’s got that thing in their mind, that radio station, all the time that you’ve all heard of WIIFM, what’s in it for me? That’s running through their head, so at any point in time they’re listening to this station. They’re asking themselves, whatever they’re looking at, what’s in it for me?

You need to make sure you tell them right up front, what’s in it for them for listening. I like to do this by two ways. I’ll start off by saying, you’re about to discover and then have whatever the biggest benefit is that I’m going to try and get across in that video. You’re about to discover the seven steps that I use to get my website to the top of the search engines overnight.

Or the other thing that I like to do is call out their biggest concern. That might be, are you worried that your competition is stealing all of your clients because they’ve got position number 1 and you’ve got position number 2? You might have a better product or service but they’re going to your competitor because they’re number 1 and people click on number 1. They are the two ways that I like to hook. There are plenty of different ways to hook and we’re going to go through some of the different ways to make videos. There are no right or wrong as long as you adhere to the fundamentals Ben was talking about.

In that first area I hook them, then I like to tell them a story. So I like to explain the situation. I help them to understand that I know their pain and I want them to know and feel that I understand their pain as well, if not better, than them. I can articulate it better. I want them to listen to it and sit there and say, he understands me. That’s the goal of telling that story and that’s why I like to have a little story in there and then I can then start to embed things in there. I’ll think about what are those things that are going on in their mind and then I’ll try and layer those into the story.

You also use stories to magnify the feelings as well. So as you tell this story, you make it get more and more full on. Because your website is not ranking number 1, the clients are going over to your competitors. That means that you’re not getting the sales, that means your business is making less money, that means you can’t afford to pay for your son’s education, he’s going turn out a loser living in a gutter and it’s your fault. So buy the product.

What I’m teaching you here as well, you need to come from a place of integrity. You can use this material to manipulate people, but I know we’ve got a good group of people and the people who listen to this know that they need to use it in a good way. If you do something bad, it will get documented, it will be out there forever and you will have destroyed any credibility that you had. Use all of this material with integrity.

I hope you learned a thing or two from this quick video sales letter guide. If you have any questions regarding video marketing or if you are looking for help in producing expert quality videos, click here to contact us.

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