Share a story and tell them why you are doing it.

To give your online sales a boost, the value of a well made video sales letter can be immeasurable. How do we make a video sales letter that converts? Increase the chances of success by including the following eight points in your video.

The Hook.

Capture the attention of your viewing audience by presenting them with a hook which they cannot resist. Show them an opportunity which will help make their life easier, more enjoyable or free of certain frustrations. Convince them that by purchasing your product or service, they will reap benefits which cannot be found elsewhere.

The Story

Everyone loves a good story.  If you share how you arrived at where you are now, you will capture your potential client’s attention and demonstrate your transparency and authenticity. They may be able to relate to some of the obstacles you have had to overcome in order to find the success you’ve been able to achieve.

What Is It All About?

This is part of the story. This is the opportunity, here is how we discovered the opportunity and now here is how we’re bringing this opportunity to you. These are some questions you need to answer as part of these video marketing tips for your online sales letter. What benefits and features do your products or services have which may not be what your competitors have to offer?  Describe in detail how your potential buyer’s life and experiences will be enhanced by making a purchase.

Who Are You?

Introduce yourself and your team to your clients. They will be happy to learn as much as possible about you so that they feel more comfortable and more confident doing business with you. Include any little anecdotes which are not already included in your story. You are now positioning yourself as the expert in your field.

How Much Will It Cost?

The potential customer will not appreciate it if you try and hide this crucial piece of information. Be upfront and totally honest about the price, and if it is a little more expensive than others in the same field, explain clearly what the added benefits are.


A bold and generous guarantee in your video sales letter will increase your client’s trust in you and make them more willing to go ahead and make a purchase, knowing they can ask for their money back if they’re not completely satisfied.

Call To Action

This can be seen to be one of the most crucial aspects of the entire video sales letter. Give directions about exactly what you require them to do: make a phone call, opt in or supply their email address.

See Text Below

A call to action can be easily passed by in a video without the client taking note of what is expected of him. Below the video, have the text written out explaining what his options are to take the next step. This not only makes the offer clearer but also can help to build more credibility and trust.

Including these eight elements in your video sales letter will enable you to boost your sales considerably.

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