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Video Transcript: Ok, very quickly, lights. Now, this will make a big difference to the quality, professionalism of your videos. The image quality improves with more light, because cameras, that’s what they do, they absorb light, they read light and they turn it into data that becomes an image. So what you want to do is bring the right amount of light for what you’re trying to do.

The classic set up is the three point lighting system, which I’ll go into, but you can get away with two, especially if you’re doing things where you’re just in front of the camera and just presenting like that. If you’re doing a proper film set up and trying to get certain elements and a certain feel, then you go with different types of light.

Now the ones that we use are these ones here. I’m going to set them up later. These are basically fluorescent lamps and then with a reflector. This is what you would call diffusion, a soft box you might have heard of that comment. Photographers use them as well, it just helps to diffuse the light and makes it more even. How much were these?

David: I think I paid about $500 and they came in a little kit and you set them up, and it’s very difficult to try and get the little poles in. So once you get them set up, just leave them set up.

Ben: Yes, the things we showed you in the improvement in the quality of Dave’s videos is because of the light because we set it up a certain way, just to give it that professional, well lit look. It makes a big difference. Most people are using down lights. If I stand under a down light it casts shadows under my eyes, it doesn’t put me in the right frame. So good lighting is really important.

These are what I’d recommend when it comes to video lighting equipment. You can get things like these. These are called redheads. These are 800 watt lights, they’re very bright, very hot, they take a long time to cool down. When you’re working in sets where these kind of cameras are very demanding, they need as much light as possible, they can be very effective. Probably for you guys, these are more then enough.

These are a pain when you’ve been on a set for twelve hours and you just want to go home and you’ve got to wait for the light to cool down and they can be a bit temperamental as well. They will give you a lot of light. If you’re in a small room, they’re not effective. You can cook food on them. So, yes, I’ve gone through these.

The other one I’ll go through is LED lights, very small, very cool, they don’t burn very hot, they’re very efficient and they’re fantastic for things like weddings or an interview where you just want a bit of light directly on someone. Usually now they come with dimmers and things like that. They often mount on the top of these cameras on the hot shoe. I love them, they’re very versatile. These ones you can buy them and they can stack together to make a big light. You can get them on eBay for anywhere from about $80 upwards. You can pay $400 or more for the big ones.

I hope these different types of video production equipment for lighting will help you make the right choices to improve the quality of your small business videos. Want to get expert assistance in producing top notch videos for your business? Contact us today.

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