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Video Transcript: Going back to the outsourcing day yesterday, I like editing but it is incredibly time consuming. You all of a sudden find three hours down the track you’re having fun and not making any money. But I’ve always avoided outsourcing it because the files are so big to pass on to someone. You end up with 100-200 meg files or whatever it is. So the idea of finding an editor and getting those big files to them to say, just weave some magic?

David: The way that we handle that, a couple of things to note. One, I’ve got someone in house who can help me with the really heavy going material. Then for things that are more YouTube related, it’s always best when you’re working with YouTube to make sure that you export out at the highest quality. YouTube is going to re encode it anyway. That said, working with YouTube when we’re doing certain things like those slide presentations particularly, Ben doesn’t do those slide presentations. We have another assistant who does that. The way that works, we’re working with a lot smaller sized video.

Live video we try and compress it down. When you’re working with people off shore, it is a little bit hard. If we’re doing a DVD rip, we have some software, I think I can double check the name of it, that will rip the DVD and put a DVD, an hour long DVD’s about four hundred meg. Then he works with that. It does depend. It is awkward working with people offshore for video work and that’s how we overcome that by picking what videos they’re working on.

Ben: Also we either upload to the back of a website, use FTP to upload files. Or you can use something like YouSendIt or Transfer Big Files and you can have a subscription. I pay $5 a month for transferbigfiles.com and I can transfer two gig files at a time and that should be enough. Or you can use Dropbox as well, depending on how much. Dropbox has a two gig limit for free. For me, that’s not enough because I’d be sending multiple files like that. Some of my files are eight gig if I’m using a camera that has a lot of juice. Generally there are ways to send it over the Cloud. So you can upload it to a server like Amazon S3 as well.

Question: Another solution is LogMeIn, they can access your whole computer and just do everything on your computer. It’ll be staying on your computer and that’s the way it goes.

David: There’s another one that does that, TeamViewer. There are some things to test out there. There is no super easy solution, you work with what you’ve got. The way that we do it is the way that I was talking about there. We try and outsource anything that is lower quality type video, the material that I don’t need high production value. The high production work we do in house.

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