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Video Transcript: Ok, we’re going to get a bit zen now. Some fundamentals and these are really important. Keep the message simple. The thing is when you start out, you might be tempted to say, I’ve just got so much information I want to tell everyone, I’m going to tell them right now. It’s like when people build websites, they just shove everything they’ve ever thought of on to the website. You get confused and you get annoyed and you disassociate from it. It’s the same thing with video. Just get a clear message and then it will be a hundred times more effective. Again, less is more and you don’t need to go on and on like I am now. I’m going to stop right now.

Has everyone heard of the three act structure? It’s basically what every film, almost every single film and TV show and play has been built on. since the dawn of time, since the Greeks started standing up in front of each other in their togas (that’s the Romans) and presenting stories to each other. What it’s about, it’s very simple. It’s about having a beginning, a middle and an end. The beginning is about setting up whatever it is you’re going to be talking about. It’s about introducing characters and, in a traditional sense, you have a protagonist and an antagonist. You have the person that you’re rooting for and the person that you hate who’s bringing all the conflict to the protagonist that they have to overcome.

It’s the most classic thing. We’re so indoctrinated with it, we see it every single day. As humans, we’re really drawn to it. Why do you go and watch shows and movies, where, I know how this is going to end? They’re going to get together or the dog is going to die, whatever it is, but you’re still hooked in because there’s something about us that loves having someone to hate, having someone to love and follow. It’s the same thing with your videos.

David: And in the sense of a product or service, the two characters you were talking about, the protagonist and the antagonist: problem, solution. So what is the problem the client is having, what is the solution? Your product, or you.

Ben: It could be you as well. So you are the protagonist, your product is the protagonist. You’re there to create the will for people to want to buy it or to follow you.

So is everyone clear about the first act? It’s pretty clear, just setting it up. The second act, traditionally, is about all the problems that people face. The second act in movies, especially in a romantic comedy, the guy messes it up with the girl and she doesn’t want to see him. Then he loses his job and then his car gets towed and then whatever. He sets himself on fire, all these things happen, all these bad things and you say, come on man, you can do it. He reaches his lowest point where he’s just about to give up and then a shining hope comes through.

In that second act for yourselves, it’s about anticipating the issues that people might have if you’re talking about a product. You’ve got problems with down time or that people don’t listen or you can’t get this thing fast enough or they’re out of stock. There is a whole bunch of things and I’m sure all of you are sitting there, and I encourage you to do this, think about how it will apply to you.

If you’ve got a service that you provide, think about all the problems that people might have with that service from other people, not from you of course, and the same with products as well. This is where you anticipate those things and say, you know, we know that it’s really hard to get this thing, but we’ve got heaps. Or we know that a lot of people have to bring this product back because there are so many problems with it. Well, we’ve fixed that problem, that kind of thing. So it’s about anticipating those things.

Then finally, the third act, as we all know, is about the resolution. For making a video about promoting yourself or a product or a service, it’s about saying, we’ve solved the problem and here’s your call to action, here’s what you need to do because we’ve got the answer for you. So check out our website, pick up the phone, come in and see us, pass this on to someone else, anything like that.

So does that all make sense? It’s the classic thing and you can never go wrong with. People play around with it but for us in this room, it’s the best thing you could use. Just follow it every time. It’s like we talked about, Dave and Pete talk a lot about systems, about following a system. Following a three act structure, a beginning, a middle and an end, setting it up, anticipating the problems and offering a solution will put you streets ahead. You know again, you’ve been on YouTube, people just ramble on about things with no ending. You say, thanks for wasting three minutes, that’s three minutes I could be doing something or creating my own video.

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