Aim for a goal with your videos.

Many people realize the huge potential online video has to promote their business and drive traffic to their door using promotional video production. However, there are a number of those who are prevented from venturing into the world of video because they have a fear of the camera. Every time they think about standing in front of that lens, they start to get heart palpitations and they feel they can’t breathe.

Relax, making a video is far easier than you think. There are a few simple techniques your can learn which will soon have your presenting like a true professional in video production companies.

Treat the Camera Like a Friend

If you see the camera as your friend, rather than your enemy, this will put you in the right frame of mind. Consider that you’re having a cosy chat with one of your close friends and just speak from the heart. You are not nervous in front of your friends, so this mind set should immediately set you at ease.

Be Clear About Your Goal

Have it clear in your own mind exactly what you are trying to achieve in your video. Do you want to teach your audience about something, how to change a tyre, or how to take a photo? Your ultimate goal, no matter what type of video you are making, will be to demonstrate the benefits of your product or service, and promote your own authenticity and genuineness.

You are not there to create a Hollywood promotional video production. You are there to show who you are honestly, and how your business can offer something which will enhance your customer’s life. People will forgive mistakes, as they’re not expecting perfection from you. In fact, they’re more likely to see you as human like them if you aren’t perfect.

Be Specific

Don’t use a scatter gun approach and try to appeal to as many people as possible. That approach is bound to fail. Choose your target audience carefully and speak to them in language they will understand.

You Should Not Be The Focus

It helps with the nerves if you remember that you are not the focus of the video. The aim is to get a clear message across about the value of your business to your customer, or to impart some vital information to him. If you think more about the subject matter of what you are trying to present, it will take you right out of the picture.

The best way to get over your nerves about shooting your promotional video production, is to just start doing it. The first video you create will be the worst – you will only get better from there. With each video you make you will grow in confidence and expertise. Soon the scenario of you standing there with a beating heart will be long gone as you face the camera and start to chat to it as if to a lifelong friend.

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