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Video Transcript: Then I come into the selling, which is the final part of that act. I’ll start to build that proof, proof it works. That’s where you show them examples of, here is me with that number 1 position. Here are the hundreds of clients that I’ve worked for and got amazing testimonials and results for. Here’s the proof. That’s how I build the trust.

Other trust things, what can you do to build in credibility? You might build in logos. Here’s me, some of my articles have been featured in Your Trading Edge, the Daryl Guppy Newsletter, The Herald Sun and I’ll put in those types of logos if you’ve got them.

How much is it going to cost? I’m not someone to beat around the bush. I don’t make someone read an entire sales letter to find the price buried right down the bottom. Mine is front and center. If people are looking for it, I want to make things as easy for them as possible. You’ll go to one of my websites, the BBS Formula, and it’s a $300-$400 product and the price is right there up the front, next to the video, before they even get into the sales letter. I just don’t want to hide anything from them. If they want to see it, I’m happy to show them.

The guarantee as well, you’ve got to have a bold guarantee in there and a call to action. At the end of the video, this is the most important thing with every video. You need to finish with, here’s what you do next. The next thing you need to do is pick up the phone and call me. Go over to this website and book your seat now. Enter your details below into the opt in form.

That’s why it’s important to know your objective first and then you make sure that the call to action is in that tail end. It must have zero confusion and it needs to be a single option. So it needs to be very clear, you don’t want to tell them, go opt in, go make a purchase, go send this to you friends, go give it the thumbs up. Just be very clear on one outcome.

We’ve got a question over here.

Question: A question on the single option. One of my mentors Sean D’Souza in Auckland, awesome marketer, always has two options at the end of every sales form. It’s to move them away from price and make them focus on value. So the yes, yes closing.

David: Yes, this is something Pete might be able to comment on quite well. We were talking the other day about the Panama Hat Company. I think it can be an effective strategy and it does work. I’m going to show you the way that I do it, but there are plenty of different ways to skin this fish. Pete’s got a good example.

Pete: I’ve got a slightly different way. From a sales perspective, in terms of how we run the telco company, we always teach our sales guys to give people a choice. Rather than say, here’s the one thing to choose, that way they’re choosing between yes and no. It’s either yes, I’m going to do this or no, I’m not. If you give them two, they’ve got to choose yes or yes, exactly as you said.

So I think personally, from a sales perspective, to give people two positive choices, not two completely different things like, fill out this form or star over here on Facebook, two very similar things they can choose one or the other. People like to make a choice, that’s human nature. You want them to make a choice in your favour, so giving them two positive choices is a better way to go from my perspective.

David: I think it depends as well on where the video is at and what it’s doing. When someone comes into Planet 13 and they’re buying a pair of trip pants or something like that, we’re going to give them options and that ‘yes, yes’ can be very powerful. Are you going to wear these pants with that top or are you going to wear these pants with that top? That pre assumes that they’re going to get one or the other. So I think there is a place for that. In the videos, depending on what it is that you’re doing, so maybe it has to do with the objective and outcome.

If I’m looking for them to opt in and that is my primary objective, I need to be very clear and I say, this is what you’re doing now. But from a sales point, if I can read them, the problem with video is that I’m not sitting in front of the client, so I can’t gauge and feel what it is that they’re saying. I can use that offering other things that I know is going to get yes, yes. But sometimes if it’s on a video, I don’t necessarily know where they’re at, so that’s why I try and do very singular focus.

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